Who will get her?

1 hot girl.. 7 hot guys.. What guy is going to date her??


7. Carter


This chapter will get sexual so if you don't like this kind of stuff stop reading

Carter can take me...


Carter took me home and my mom was gone she went with Lucy to a movie..

Carter: Do you think you will be ok alone?

Me: C-can you stay here until my mom gets home??

Carter: Of course..

We went up to my room..

Carter: What do you want to do?

Me: I don't know..

We both sat on my bed..

I looked at him..

He looked at me and our faces came closer and closer..

We kissed but we didn't stop..

I got on top of him..

Carter: Do you think we should?

Me: I-I want to...

Carter: You sure??

Me: Totally.. Wait one sec..

I got off of him and changed into a pair of short shorts pjs.. I grabbed a condom..

Me: Ready?

Carter: Yeah..

I came out and he looked at me head to toe and back up...

Me: Do you like?

Carter: Uhh..

I walked over towards him..

I laid him down and got on top of him..

Me: Here

I gave him the condom...

He pulled me down and we started making out...

Carter flipped us over so he was on top..

His hands started going down to the end of my shirt...

He took my shirt off and I did the same with his..

Carter: I won't hurt you.. Do you trust me?

Me: Yeah..

His hands went down towards my shorts and he kissed me and started kissing down to my panties..

He pulled off my shorts and my underwear...

He came back up and kissed me and started rubbing me..

Me: Mmmm that feels so good..

He put one finer into me and he went down and started kissing me..

Me: Oh my god!!

I was so close and it felt so good...

Me: I'm about to-

He started going faster...

Me: Oh my god!!

I couldn't take it anymore...

Me: Mmmmm

He came up to me and kissed me..

Carter: You taste so good..

I flipped us over and started going down..

I took off his pants and his boxers..

Me: Oh my god!

Carter: Come on..

I started giving him a handjob...

Carter: Ashley..

I took the whole thing...

Carter: Oh my God!!!

After that was over he flipped us back over and put the condom on..

Carter: You ready for this?

Me: Give me everything you got!

Right as he was about to..

-Ding dong-

Me: Shit..

We both got up and I got the door...

Me: Justin?

Justin: Hey.. Is Carter st-

Carter: Hey babe!

He kissed my cheek..

Justin: D-did I miss something?

Me: Oh.. He's just staying here until my mom gets back..

Justin: Carter you can go.. I'll stay with her...

Carter: No it's fine.. It's amazing here..

I started blushing...

Justin: O-ok I'll be next door if you need me..

Me: Ok....

Carter: We will be fine stop worrying....

Justin: Ok...

Me: Bye...

He left...

Me: That was close...

Carter: Yeah... But I should get home before my mom freaks out...

Me: Ok... I'll see you at school?

Carter: Yeah... Bye

Me: Bye


sorry I haven't updated in a while... But here's the deal... Whatever story gets the most comments from different people... Will get an update first... Ok? But yeah.. I really like this guy I think but I still am dating that other guy... Can I have advice please... But I haven't broken up with him cuz I don't know how and it's our anniversary on tomorrow... Help please but remember the deal I will update the other stories... It's 5 am here so I might not update them until later..

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