Dead {The Walking Dead Fanfic}

Emily is surviving. A zombie apocalypse. Alone. But when she stumbles at a camp, a few things go wrong. Will she live? Will she die? Or will she be right in the middle, a zombie?


2. cärl

I run to the camp and hear gunshot after gun shot after gunshot.

I look back hoping the boy was running right behind me into safety.

But he wanted to be a hero so he stayed shooting the zombies.

I knew there was more of a purpose of him living than me so I run back to save him.

I turn him around and pull his wrist making him run to the camp with me.

His hair was pressed against his cheek showing sweat drip off his forehead.

He was scared. I could tell this was his first time against a crowd of walkers solo.

I pull him in front of me and push him as hard as I could making him reach the camp before me.

He kept running but after 10 seconds he looked back at me worried, as if he knew I was going to die.

"CARL!" I hear a voice shout.

Carl. That's his name.

The boy.. Well Carl's eyes opened only making him run quicker.

I was feet away and began to feel dizzy.

I slowed down and my eyes opened and closed.

I saw the camp and the camp saw me.

My feet began to wobble and my hearing was gone.

The picture of Carl's eyes appeared in my mind.

"Carl." I whisper.

I couldn't feel nor see but I wasn't ready to die.

"Carl." I say one last time and all went pitch black.

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