Dead {The Walking Dead Fanfic}

Emily is surviving. A zombie apocalypse. Alone. But when she stumbles at a camp, a few things go wrong. Will she live? Will she die? Or will she be right in the middle, a zombie?


3. Asleep -_____-

Carl POV

I see my dad and run to the camp towards him.

Only feet away, I felt something wrong.

I look back and see the girl fall down.

She looked unconscious. I couldn't let her die. Not after Dale.

I pick her up and carry her to Hershel.

Walkers were coming so my dad and Daryl began shooting and stabbing them.

She was in my arms and looked at her golden brown hair covering her eyes.

"Is she ok?" My mom asks me. She leads me into Beth's old room.

I lay her on the bed and take off her bags and shoes.

Mom walks down to the kitchen to get some water.

I stand next to the girl and watch her.

She began to take delicate breaths, the one that barely make her move.

Mother steps in front of me and pours some of the water in her mouth. The girl begins to swallow. My eyes open in relief knowing she is waking up.

"It's a body reflex. She isn't awake yet." My mom tells me.

Why was I excited? I don't know her name and I'm sweating for her.

I look out the window and watch T-Dog and Carol stabbing the walkers at the fence.

I wish I was there helping but. Do I have a reason? They need me but instead I'm just laying around doing nothing.

I look at the girl in disgust. She is stopping me from being a hero and helping my people.

"Who are you?" I talk to her even though she is sleeping,"you appear out of nowhere, walk into our camp, and force me to stay with you."

I look away and close the door. I stare at Beth's poster of Taylor Swift and just go blank.

"Go." I hear a weak voice speak. I turn around and see the girl trying to open her eyes.

"What?" I ask her. I was confused of why she said 'go'.

"Go help them." Her voice got stronger. I stare at her and tried to figure out her plan. Was she going to steal something, run away, kill?

"Go!" She said as loud as she can.

What could she do? She could barely speak. I stand up and walk towards the door. I stare at the hallway and think one last time.

I turn around and take out dad's handcuffs and cuff her to the bed.

"Stay." I tell her.

"I could leave with the bed, ya know?" She giggles after.

I show a grin and walk away to head outside.

I walk up to carol and take the knife from the pocket of her bag and stab the zombies right by her.

"Took you long enough." She began a conversation.

"Yeah, had some business to do." I tell her.

I stab a zombie and look up to the bedroom window. There I saw a helpless girl waiting for death to arrive.

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