Catch Me When I Fall *Narry Storan* COMPLETE

Harry Styles- school flirt, not a bad boy but not a good one either, popular, likes everyone except one person.
Niall Horan- transfered from Ireland, funny, cheeky but not flirty, popular, likes eveyone except one person.

When you get paired with your worst enemy for 1 month in Paris the city of love, lets say not everyone is a happy camper. At the end they will both be singing

Are we friends or are we mo-o-ore?


29. The End

             So thy is the end of Catch Me When I Fall I do not plan on doing the sequel and I realise it ended at a weird part but the main goal was to get them to realise they love each other and they have soo... You can decide their future from here. Whether you want Lilo to break up and Niam and Larry to get together or if you want them to get married an have kids. You can all show your ideas in the comment section below and thanks for reading! Stay awesome bros, *brofist*


(PewDiePie reference)

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