Catch Me When I Fall *Narry Storan* COMPLETE

Harry Styles- school flirt, not a bad boy but not a good one either, popular, likes everyone except one person.
Niall Horan- transfered from Ireland, funny, cheeky but not flirty, popular, likes eveyone except one person.

When you get paired with your worst enemy for 1 month in Paris the city of love, lets say not everyone is a happy camper. At the end they will both be singing

Are we friends or are we mo-o-ore?


21. Niall's P.O.V

     For the rest of the evening Harry and I talked about anything and everything and then we just randomly went silent. I rested my head on his shoulder and I could feel him tense up for a minute but then he relaxed. I tried closing my eyes for a minute but I could feel his eyes staring into the side of my head. After a moment of awkward silence I decided that I would tell him that I like him too.


NH. "Harry I wanted to tell you that-"
LT. "Hello boys!"
HS. "Hey Lou, what were you saying Niall?"
NH. "It's okay, not that important."
HS. "You sure?"
NH. "Very"
LT. "Did I interrupt something important?"
NH. "No it's fine."
HS. "The only interrupting important things was earlier! Love you Lou"
NH. "Huh?"
HS. "When I went for a walk I headed down to Louis' room and I heard moaning so I thought it was Eleanor. I always found it fun to interrupt people doing those things so I knocked and instead of Eleanor it was Liam."
NH. "Really?! It's about time! I have been telling him to man up, grow a pair, and finally tell you how he feels Lou! That's great!"
LT. "Shuddup Niall"
NH. "Hey I'm not the one who interrupted your sexy time with The Payne. His nickname was always The Payne because whenever people would see him coming they would see 'Here comes the Payne!' '' I said like a radio announcer.
HS. "Woah do that again! But with something else. Ahh, say One Direction!"
NH. "One Direction"






LT. "Oh my gosh that is so cool!"
NH. "Yeah buddy."
HS. "Now what do we do?"
LT. "I don't know about you but I think I'm going to take a nap."


     At first I thought he was going to go back to his room but instead he just lied down on Harry's bed and was about to fall asleep.


NH. "Uh, Louis why did you came all the way down here to take a nap?"
LT. "Because Liam is in the shower and he doesn't take his clothes with him."
HS. "You didn't seem to mind him being naked earlier?"
LT. "Yeah well, I'm just not in the mood today."
HS. "Louis get down there and take a nap, stop being a wuss"
LT. "Fine"


     As soon as he closed the door I was about to start talking again when the door opened again.


LP. "Hiya lads!"
NH. "Liam? Louis just said you were in the shower?"
LP. "I was but then I decided to take a walk around the hotel and somehow I ended up here."
HS. "Ahh, sorry about interrupting you earlier." He snickered.
LP. "Shuddup Haz"
NH. "Haz? What kind of nickname is that?"
HS. "I dunno, what kind of nickname is Nialler?"
NH. "No I mean why would you replace the 'r' with 'z' and they 'y' with 'a' ?"
LP. "Yeah well you analyze things to much."
NH. "No I don't!"
HS. "Niall, you do."
NH. "Do not!"
HS. "Do to!"
NH. "Do not!"
HS. "Do to!"
NH. "Do not!"
LP. "I gotta go... bye!"
HS. "Bye... do to."
NH. "Do not! Do not! Do not!"


*Door Slams Close*


HS. "Ya' know, you look really adorable when you argue and pout."
NH. *Blushes*
HS. "Aww, is it to warm in here or am I just that sexy?"
NH. *Blushes harder*
HS. "I'm gonna go with the sexy thing, but you know what would be even sexier?"
NH. "What?" *Still blushing like a mad man*
HS. "You without the blanket and the clothes in between us. Because all that is separating us is a few pieces of thin material." He whispered seductively in my ear causing me to get chill bumps.
HS. "So I'm sexy and it's cold in here? Not a good combination but-"
NH. "Hey do you wanna go for a jog or something?"
HS. "Uh, sure!"


     He kissed my cheek real quick then got off the bed leaving me sitting there blushing even harder until I decided to get up and get dressed. I put on my jogging clothes that Liam insisted I bring because he and I were gonna go jogging but instead he spends his time with Louis. A minute later Harry came out of the bathroom in just shorts, no shirt or anything, just shorts, a water bottle, and shoes. I think he caught me staring so he made a remark so I thought that I could tell him now.


HS. "Hey, it's not nice to stare."
NH. "Well not really because-"
ZM. "Hey mates!"
HS. "Hey Zayn we were just about to go for a jog, do you wanna go with us?"
ZM. "Harry, how long have you known me?"
NH. "Yeah, jeez, but how come you aren't with Perrie or taking a nap?"
ZM. "Perrie is with Eleanor and I can't sleep anymore so..."
NH. "You could walk around Paris, it's really beautiful from what I have seen. I mean the city is really breathtaking."
HS. "Just like you" He whispered in my ear so that Zayn wouldn't hear.
ZM. "Yeah I guess I could do that, see you later lads!"
NH. "Bye!"


     I feel like fate doesn't want me to tell Harry, I mean that is the third time for me trying to tell him and each time I was interrupted. Finally, we were able to make it outside of the room. We headed down to the lobby and girls kept wolf whistling at Harry shirtless since he did have a pretty decent 6 pack for a 16 year old and a couple of small tattoos. I wanted to wait until we got a good distance away from the hotel. About 30 yards away from the hotel I spoke up.


NH. "Harry, I-"
HS. "No way, that's my buddy Nick over there! Nick!"


     He called Nick over with us and they just started walking but I kept jogging, hearing them fade into the distance. They just kept on talking and didn't remember my presence so i just plugged my earbuds in and ignored them. I ran across the street to some little cafe and bought a little coffee and a muffin. I sat down in one of the chairs in the back corner and just relaxed for a minute until I heard the door ring signaling someone just came in. I looked up and saw one of my old friends walk in.


NH. "Demi?"
DL. "Niall, oh my gosh what are you doing here?"
NH. "Class field trip."
DL. "Oh, then why aren't you at your hotel like you usually are?"
NH. "Uh, letting out stress."
DL. "Is it him again?"
NH. *Nods*
DL. "Ahh, well why don't we go take a walk and you can tell me what happened this time?"
NH. "Because he is right there" I pointed at the bench right outside of the little shop where him and Nick are.
NH. "I think I'm just going to go back to the room and get some rest, bye Dems"
DL. "Bye Ni"


     After I waved good bye to her, I went back outside of the shop and heard Harry calling my name but I just plopped my earbuds in and continued walking. I thought about everything that has happened today. Harry said he likes me, Harry flirted with me, Liam and I came in first in the competition again, I saw Demi, I was interrupted 3 times trying to tell Harry that I liked him. I had to use the bathroom really badly so I turned around and saw him and Nick kissing and feeling each other. I didn't have to go anymore so I just turned back to the hotel and walked. I hurt every where. My brain because of over thinking, my legs from running, my stomach because I only had that coffee and 2 muffins all day, my heart because I thought what he had said was true. I didn't realize that I was crying until I made it back to the hotel room and saw my blood shot eyes. I grabbed my boxers and same sweatpants and decided to take a shower when I heard the door open. I just ignored him, and locked the bathroom door. I looked on the side of the sink and saw my razor.


NH. "Long time no see old friend" I whispered.


     I unraveled the sleeve of my hoodie and saw my past scars starting to fade. No one noticed because if you hide it in plain sight then well, they will think you're innocent. But guess what, I'm not as innocent as they thought. I brought up the hem of my shirt and saw the scars on my hips fading too and then took of my shorts and saw the ones on my thighs too. I plugged my phone into dock and put it on shuffle and Still Into You by Paramore same on. After putting this song on repeat I hopped in the shower and stayed in for about 10 minutes. When I got out I wrapped a towel around my waist and went into the room and saw Harry laying on his bed watching me.


NH. "Stop staring it's not polite."


     I smirked at him then glared leaving him confused. I put my earbuds back in and I Knew You Were Trouble came on so I sang along and opened up the book I've been meaning to read. Then once that was over We Are Never Getting Back Together came on. I glanced up from my book and saw him going to the bathroom. I glanced at the time and it was only 9:00 so I decided to take a walk with my guitar. I stopped outside of the hotel and a bunch of kids crowded around me and when I stopped at a little fire pit. One kid shouted he would get hot dogs and another said he would get stuff for s'mores. I began playing a random and all of a sudden it turned into a campfire. I looked up from my guitar and saw the rest of the boys standing at the door. I looked back down not in the mood to talk to them and started playing a song of my own. It was called Taken and the rest of the kids just kept staring at me. Once I finished they started clapping and put on someone's iPod and Problem by A.G. came on. I felt tired and looked at the time and saw that it was 10:30. I headed back up to the room leaving behind a bunch of people saying 'Aww, do you have to go?'. When I got to the room, I lied down on the bed and just then Harry came in.


HS. "Niall?"
NH. "Hmm..."
HS. "What did you want to tell me earlier?"
NH. "Oh uh, I uh hope you and Nick have a great relationship together."


     I looked over at him and saw him looking confused.


NH. "Harry, I know that you like Nick and not me, it's fine."
HS. "But I don't like Nick like that!"
NH. "Then why were you kissing him and avoiding me when we went jogging?"
HS. "Because I was asking him something really personal!"
NH. "So you thank people by kissing them?! Alright then I will do that too."


     I got up off the bed and stood next to him then took his face in my hands.


NH. "Thank you for being there for me. *Kiss* Thank you for being you. *Kiss* Thank you for not judging that I'm gay. *Kiss* And thank you for making me like you too! *Longer Kiss* Thank you for making me jealous *Kiss* And lastly, Thank you for making me hate you for making me love you! "


     After that last saying I pressed my lips to his with so much more force than the last kisses that I didn't know if this would be just a kiss or we would end up making out. I pulled away from him and saw him looking completely and utterly shocked at my outburst. I lied back down on the bed and closed my eyes shut trying to just forget this day completely.


~8:00 A.M.~


    When I woke up I looked around and saw that Harry was just laying down on his bed looking at the ceiling. I got up out of bed and headed to the bathroom and brushed my hair and teeth and got dressed for the day. When I got out of the bathroom, Harry was still staring at the ceiling. I rolled my eyes at him and poked him.


NH. "Hello? Is anyone there?"
HS. "Hi..."
NH. "What's wrong with you?"
HS. "You hate me..." He muttered
NH. "No I don't"
HS. "You said so last night..."

NH. "I hate that you make me love you,

You make me smile like the sun,

Fall outta bed
Sing like a bird,
Dizzy in my head
Spin like a record,
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool,
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold,
Buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh, you make me smile

HS. "Niall, last night, I didn't kiss Nick, he kissed me. He said that if I, if I didn't kiss him and do what I did, then he would hire someone to, to hurt you, badly. Worse than just a few bruises and scratches."
NH. "Why didn't you just say that last night?"
HS. "He said if I told then he would hire someone anyways and he was following me last night. I promise you, I never meant to hurt you."
NH. "I believe you. I am going to go get some breakfast, do you wanna go with me?"
HS. "I can't."
NH. "How come?"
HS. "I can't just keep my feelings in check when I'm around you. You deserve someone who isn't embarrassed of being gay and who will show that they love you in public without living in fear of being bullied. I'm sorry but I can't."
NH. "Harry-"
HS. "No Niall, you deserve all that and even more."

*Door opens and Louis comes in*

LT. "Wow, the sexual tension in this room is overwhelming"
HS. *Glares at Louis*
LT. "What did I do?"
NH. "Louis could I talk to you in private for a few minutes?"
LT. "Uh, sure."


    We walked to the cafeteria in silence until we sat down in an empty booth in the back but what I didn't realize was that I accidentally butt-dialed Harry.


LT. "Woah what's with the need of this much privacy, you're not going to kill me are you?"
NH. "Have you ever liked a guy- yes a guy I'm gay but don't tell Liam- and he likes you back but he won't do anything. Like, the guy I like says I deserve someone who isn't embarrassed of who he is but I don't want someone else I want him. I mean I love him."
LT. "How do you know it's love, how long have you known him?"
NH. "3-4 years and I used to hate him but I never did, it was just a cover up."
LT. "Well, maybe he likes you but he isn't ready for a relationship."
NH. "He has been flirting with me every chance he gets though..."
LT. "I dunno only time will tell."
NH. "Well gee you were a lot of help." I muttered and got out of the booth and headed back to the room.

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