Catch Me When I Fall *Narry Storan* COMPLETE

Harry Styles- school flirt, not a bad boy but not a good one either, popular, likes everyone except one person.
Niall Horan- transfered from Ireland, funny, cheeky but not flirty, popular, likes eveyone except one person.

When you get paired with your worst enemy for 1 month in Paris the city of love, lets say not everyone is a happy camper. At the end they will both be singing

Are we friends or are we mo-o-ore?


34. Harry's P.O.V

 The rest of the day we spent just like that, shooting each other with nerf guns and laughing our arses off. We also ended up baking some cupcakes then shoved them in Lou's face... hehehe. Niall came and went through the room multiple times. Once or twice he had Selena but after like the third time she said she had to leave. Suddenly there was a knock on the door saying it was time to sing again.... yay!

We started walking down to the lobby when we bumped into none other than Niall and Ariana.

Justin. "Hey Ariana, this is Harry" he signaled to me.

Harry. "Hello" I smiled and shook her hand.

Ariana. "Hey, nice to meet you"

Harry. "Can you believe there is an American, Canadian, English, and Irish person in a French country? The amount of ethnicities in here is overwhelming."

Ariana. "I'm also Italian by the way" she nodded.

Harry. "Have you ever been to Venice?"

Ariana. "No"

Harry. "Maybe someday" I smiled at her when she laughed. I noticed Niall roll his eyes and shuffle along with us whilst we walked. I slowed down a bit and walked towards him.

Harry. "Hey"

Niall. "Hey" he muttered

Harry. "How are you?" I smiled at him

Niall. *sigh*

Niall. "Josh, he, he just keeps coming around and making me do things with him that, I only want to do with you" he admitted and looked up at me as I grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers.

Niall. "Louis almost beat him up if it weren't for Liam who tried beating him up on a different occasion." He laughed as we made it to the stage area.

Niall. "He keeps making me sit with him and treating me like his property. I'll try to spend five minutes with my boyfriend then when you're talking to someone else, he'll threaten to do things worse than what he has already done. That's why I didn't comment on your amazing performance the other day. I'm just scared but I don't want to lose you" his expression sad but his eyes full of love.

Harry. "I don't want to lose you either. We will work through this together. When we get back to school, well go to the courthouse and you can file a restraining order against him. Don't worry, it's just another bump in the road." I smiled and kissed his hand as he became flustered when I heard Ariana start talking.

Ariana. "Are you 2 dating?" He quirked an eyebrow.

Harry. "Yeah, we are" I smiled at him as he blushed.

Ariana. "That's so cute!" She squealed and clapped her hands as Justin laughed at us. A few minutes later, we arrived at the stage area and sat down until MS. Peazer started talking.

Ms. "Hello, class, I hope you are all ready to get down to business! As Justin promised, we will have MS. Grande perform for us later. But now, since Justin decided to give Mr. Styles a duet, she decided to help him out. Mr. Styles and Grande please" she said as we approached the stage.

Ariana. "Call me Ariana. You ready Harry?" She asked as we received the microphones from the tech team. I nodded.

*after song*

Saying everyone was quiet was an understatement. Everyone gaped at us until the whole area erupted in applause and cheers. You wouldn't think it would be loud but some Arianators snuck in. We smiled and bowed the stepped down to the seating area. She hugged me when we got down off the stage then we walked back to the seating area... to see Josh talking to Niall. I stopped behind him and listened to see what he was saying.

Josh. "So you decided to go running to pretty boy again ehh? I thought I warned you not to?" He said jamming his finger to Niall's chest who finally learned to stand up for himself.

Niall. "Listen Josh, I'm tired or playing your games and I'm tired or being afraid to go near my boyfriend. I thought he taught you a lesson on going near me though?" He said slapping his hand away from him and finally noticed that I was there but he still didn't say a word to me.

Josh. "What, you think that Bastard is good for anything besides checking himself out and flirting with Bieber?"

Harry. "I dunno Josh, is that all I'm good for?" I spoke up behind him as be whipped around and noticed I was standing right behind him.

Josh. "How long have you been listening to my conversation? "

Harry. "Long enough, long enough to call security for bullying and harassing my boyfriend. " I shrugged.

Josh. "You wouldn't dare" he glared.

Harry. "Oh but I would. Just try me and you'll see how long it takes to make a simple phone call to your dad who just so happens to be head of security." I spoke to him and noticed Niall had a glimmer of hope I'm his eyes that he may have to leave. He walked away.

Niall. "Thank you Harry, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you about him."

Harry. "Anytime babe, anytime." I smiled at him and kissed his forehead as he leaned into me. Later he performed Fa La La with Liam. He decided it was time he spend some time with his best friend instead of his boyfriend, good for Liam. Louis did Mistletoe and Zayn did Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

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