Catch Me When I Fall *Narry Storan* COMPLETE

Harry Styles- school flirt, not a bad boy but not a good one either, popular, likes everyone except one person.
Niall Horan- transfered from Ireland, funny, cheeky but not flirty, popular, likes eveyone except one person.

When you get paired with your worst enemy for 1 month in Paris the city of love, lets say not everyone is a happy camper. At the end they will both be singing

Are we friends or are we mo-o-ore?


32. Harry's P.O.V




HS. "....I, I dunno Bieber. It's just that-" suddenly there was a loud shriek coming from a giant megaphone MS. Peazer was holding.

MS. "Alright class, come back to your seats. I have a question..." She trailed off as everyone headed to their seats. For some reason though, Niall decided to sit as far away from me as possible, which was next to Josh. Bastards.

MS. "Who here has heard of Ariana Grande?" She asked as loud squeals erupted from the crowd.

MS. "Well class, thanks to Mr. Bieber here, he has arranged for Ms. Grande to perform for us I'm 2 days. I have a challenge for you for tomorrow. Instead of doing an original song or any song you want, you will be singing a Christmas song from Justin's 2012 album. My idea as a thanks for his helpfulness of getting MS. Grande for us. Justin gets to choose who sings what song." She announced as Justin walked on stage.

JB. "I certainly didn't know about this but Harry, my dear sweet Harry, you will be singing.... All I Want For Christmas. Love ya buddy. Everyone else choose whatever. " he smiled at me as I flipped him off amusing the crowd. He sat back down next to me and slung his arm around my shoulder.

Jade. "I ship it!" Which caused quite a ruckus from the people on my French class. I turned to justin and pulled a kissing face and he did it back.

Susie. "Those feels though!"

I laughed out loud, lol'ed, at the girls reacting over nothing. We walked back to the rooms afterwards when I pulled out my laptop.

HS. " dear god help me" I muttered searching this stupid song I had to sing.

JB. "Why do ya say that bro?"

HS. "I haven't listened to your album so I've only heard the original. Plus this is a duet, I can't sing it solo-"

JB. "I've got ya covered. Ariana said she's coming up today actually and that she would love to perform with one of the students as long as they're good looking. Her words not mine" he laughed.

HS. "That's gonna make him jealous."

JB. "Who Niall? Well he did sit next to the dude who almost raped him and threatened to beat you up so.... what's wrong with singing with a girl when you're gay?"

HS. "There is the possibility of me being bi dude. Then again isn't she with Jai Brooks or something like that?"

JB. "Yeah, you better get to learning those lyrics dude." He laughed as I glared.

HS. "You sing it"

JB. "I don't have to, I'm not the one singing tomorrow" he smirked.

JB. "At least you get Ariana to sing with now get to it loverboy"

HS. "Shut it Bieber"

JB. "That's where we've got a problem Styles. I pulled out my phone and called Eleanor.

HS. "Yeah hey El, do you have any suggestions on how to make Bieber shut up.... ewww no! The hell?!..... you nasty... bye girl." I hung up.

HS. "Perverts" I muttered finally getting the first verse and bridge after 2 hours.

This may take a while...

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