Catch Me When I Fall *Narry Storan* COMPLETE

Harry Styles- school flirt, not a bad boy but not a good one either, popular, likes everyone except one person.
Niall Horan- transfered from Ireland, funny, cheeky but not flirty, popular, likes eveyone except one person.

When you get paired with your worst enemy for 1 month in Paris the city of love, lets say not everyone is a happy camper. At the end they will both be singing

Are we friends or are we mo-o-ore?


30. Harry's P.O.V


As you may have noticed, I put this story as complete and labeled the last chapter 'The End'. Well I thought it would be fun to pull a prank on you lovelies! This story is nor over but onto the story.

Harry's P.O.V

     I was about to pull away when he started ro kiss me back. I grinned wide and did pull away because I couldn't stop smiling. I looked at Niall who was blushing as red as the fire hydrant that a beagle was weeping on. I laughed at him and grabbed his hand in mine still standing there making him blush a brighter red.

NH. "I thought... I thought you were straight?" He asked looking confused but looking down at my hand grasping his.
HS. "Niall, I can assure you that I am guy. I told you that you would be the first person I told when I realized it. It just took me a while to admit it to myself." I admitted looking up at him watching his bright blue eyes sparkle in the 3 o' clock sky.
NH. "Thank you Harry, but why did you help me when I was always saying those things to you. I don't want to hurt you."
HS. " Niall it would be a pleasure to have my heartbroken by you..." (TFIOS Ref.)
I lifted his chin up, kissing him on the lips for a few seconds when I heard Louis calling my name.


     I groaned and pulled away from him seeing tears streaming from his eyes. I turned around and started walking back to the area where the guys are but I stopped when I noticed a Niall was my next to me.

HS. "You okay there Nialler?"
NH. "Harry, what are we?"
HS. "Whatever you want to be Ni, I don't care a s long as I am with you."
NH. " Except I don't know what I want to be... I sound really confusing and like I don't want to be with you but... I do I just, I'm scared."
HS. "Niall, what is there to be scared about?"
NH. "That I'm gay and most likely there is someone in that class over there who is homophobic. That I'm carrying a disease when I'm just being who I am. That I will be seen with you and they will think that I'm a man whore too-"


     He paused when he realized what he said and started trying to aapologize but he just kept stuttering. I will admit that it hurt so much that he thought I was a 'man whore, and that I could start crying any minute now because of my reputation. I just bit my lip and tried to control my emotions. I did not want to do something I would regret later on. He always told me I wasn't who people said I was hut I guess he was ly-. No Harry stop it it was just a spur of the moment. I looked back up at him and saw him look scared and worried but also like he was gonna cry too.

NH. "Harry I am so so sorry I did not mean-"
HS. "Niall it's fine, I'm used to it even though I shouldn't be, it just hurts more coming from you. But I do hope that it was a spur of the moment thing."


     I told him and started walking back to the area where Louis was and I felt him lingering behind me like a lost puppy, almost like he was dependent on me. Almost like I was his life line, that if I got hurt then he wouldn't know what to do. Almost like someone had him on a leash and threw him out into a big city. I looked next to me at him and saw him sit down next to me and pull his knees to his chest and hugging them. I would've smiled at that if it weren't for him feeling guilty.

HS. "Hey, don't let it get to you, I'm fine, it's all over and done with. Okay?"
NH. "Okay. I just wish I didn't say that."
HS. "That world isn't a wish granting factory my friend..." I told him making him sigh and look towards the competition this time just trying to focus.

    Eventually it was his and Liam's turn and they sang Everybody's Got Somebody But Me by Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz. I saw both of them look in this direction multiple times until the song was over then it was Louis, Zayn, and I'm turn. I was about to announce the song we were going to sing but Louis interrupted me.

LT. "Sorry Harry but Zayn and I discussed this without you and you will be the one singing today. The song is just for one person and you need to be the one to sing it and Ms. Peazer agrees."
HS. "Glad to know I'm in the circle..." I muttered but he apologized and they left me all alone on stage.
HS. "Well I guess I will be all alone today, the ks mates but this song is called All of Me by John Legend."

  A/N   Sorry for the vast amount of TFIOS references but I was reading it for the 6th time today and I just had too. This is not the end of Narry or CMWIF, my laptop got a virus or something so I am doing this on my iPod and phone so if there are any mistakes jut blame it on my cracked iPod and messed up phone. 
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