Catch Me When I Fall *Narry Storan* COMPLETE

Harry Styles- school flirt, not a bad boy but not a good one either, popular, likes everyone except one person.
Niall Horan- transfered from Ireland, funny, cheeky but not flirty, popular, likes eveyone except one person.

When you get paired with your worst enemy for 1 month in Paris the city of love, lets say not everyone is a happy camper. At the end they will both be singing

Are we friends or are we mo-o-ore?


25. Harry's P.O.V

     Once Louis left I decided that I would make the most of being in the worst place in existence right now. I walked around Paris a little more and just enjoyed the scenery no matter how much the memories pained me. When I got outside about a block away from the hotel I saw a little cafe so I walked in and ordered a coffee. As soon as I ordered I heard a bunch of girls screaming so I turned around and saw a guy in a black hoodie run in the cafe. I watched him wondering what could be so special about him and just as I mentally asked that question he took his hood off and I saw that it was Justin Bieber. (A/N I am a big fan of him don't judge, and plus this is based in about 2009 so this is when he was just starting although some of his songs from the Believe album are in this.) I walked over to him and decided to make conversation.


HS. "Hi I'm Harry..." I extended my hand to shake and saw a confused look on his face.
JB. "Justin, what are you doing in France Harry? You sound British."
HS. "I am but my class is spending a school trip here, why are you running from all those people? How much harm can fans cause?"
JB. "One of my bodyguards had to go to the hospital..." (That part was made up, no body guard went to a hospital...)
HS. "Wow, if you need to, you can spend a few days in my room until it dies down."
JB. "Aww thanks man, that would help a lot."
HS. "No problem but my roommate is a big belieber."
JB. "Thanks for the warning..."


     We walked back to the hotel once the crowd cleared out some and it turns out this was also his hotel. We passed his room on the way but there were a bunch of fans clawing at the door so I said he could still stay so he did. We made it to my room and when I opened it everyone was in there and Gemma was just now leaving. I said bye to her and introduced Justin to everyone including Josh.


HS. "Justin this is my roommate Niall and these are my friends, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Eleanor, Perrie, and that is Josh. Everyone say hi to my friend Justin."
JB. "Hi everyone..."
NH. "You're, you're Justin Bieber!"
JB. "I believe I am but I'm not 100% sure." He chuckled and laughed at Niall.
LT. "Oh my gosh, Harry has been singing a bunch of your songs, it gets really depressing at times."
JB. "Oh really?" He asked and smirked at me.
HS. "I played 3 songs, excuse him if his brain was chocolate it wouldn't fill an m & m."
JB. "Hahaha, I will have to use that one. Which songs did you play?"
HS. "Uh, Be Alright, Down To Earth, and uh, That Should Be Me. I am actually going to sing one of them for a talent show on, todays Tuesday so on Friday."
JB. "Oh I would like to hear you sing that."
HS. "You can come to the show if you want then?"
JB. "Okay, sure, plan on me being there."


     The rest of the day Justin and I just talked to Louis while the girls were swooning over him being there Zayn clearly jealous. Liam talked to Niall and Josh with Niall clearly trying to get a good look at Justin being in his hotel room. At around 6 o'clock, we headed down to the dining hall but since Justin wasn't in the class I grabbed him a plate of food against his will.


JB. "No no Harry you don't have to, you are already letting me stay in the room, I'll be fine."
HS. "I insist, eat up Bieber."


     He laughed at my nickname for him and ate the food. We headed back to the room so I handed him my extra pair of flannel pajama pants since he said he likes to sleep shirtless and I told him I did too. I showed him the bathroom and I just changed in the room. I laid down on the pull out couch since I liked to sleep there anyways. When he got out he tried to convince me to go sleep in the bed but I kept denying until he made me sleep in the bed with him. We leaned up against the headboard and just watched movies until Niall came in the room and just stared at us on the bed. I was about to ask him what he was staring at until I saw his eyes drift toward our chests. I was about to smirk at him when he shook his head and grabbed his pajamas and headed to the bathroom to probably take a shower.


JB. "Did you see him staring at you?"
HS. "I don't think it was me he was staring at..."
JB. "It was you, I watched him."
HS. "Well if you walked in a room and saw 2 hot guys shirtless on a bed what would you think?"
JB. "Oh so I'm hot now huh?" He winked at me so I just playfully pushed his shoulder.
HS. "Yes you are... but I'm way hotter."


     I flexed my muscles and he just playfully swooned just as Niall was coming out of the bathroom. He watched us and just put up his clothes and walked over to his bed. He had a shirt on since he was insecure about his body and a long flannel sweater over his shirt. I looked down at my stomach and saw a six pack coming.


HS. "Hahaha! I'm getting a six pack, beat that Bieber!"
JB. "I have a few tattoos and a six pack coming on! In your face Styles!"
HS. "I actually do have a couple of tattoos."


     We actually talked the rest of the night and became great friends. Funny how that happened in about 6 hours. He has told me some secrets that not really anyone knows about him and I have told him my secrets. We fell asleep at about 1 in the morning and when I wake up, his head was on my chest and my hands were wrapped around his slim frame. I just tried to fall back asleep to save him from any embarrassment but I couldn't. I just took my pillow and slid it where I was and headed to my suitcase. I laid out some clothes for Justin to wear for today so that we can go and get him some of his clothes while fans aren't there. I changed into my blue button down shirt (unbuttoned of course) with a white tee underneath and black skinny jeans. He got up a few minutes after I got dressed so I showed him the clothes and told him that he could take a shower if he liked. I looked around the room just taking in my surroundings and saw Niall was awake.


HS. "How long have you been awake?"
NH. "Long enough to see you get cozy with a guy you met yesterday..."
HS. "Hmm, jealous much?"
NH. "Hmm, dick much?"
HS. "Why would you care if we were 'cozy'?"
NH. "It was just a question..."
HS. "So was that..."
NH. *Rolling eyes*
HS. "Plus he's straight and is like a little brother."
JB. "You are only older by a month so hush."
HS. "And I treasure that month very much."


     We walked down to the cafe again with Justin repeatedly saying he didn't need anything and he wouldn't want to intrude but I dragged him to our spots at the table. As soon as we sat down Perrie and Eleanor stopped talking to the other boys and just stared at  him. I could see him shift uncomfortably then try to relax but the he jumped up from his seat and squealed.


HS. "Very manly squeal Justin... very manly indeed..."
JB. "Shut up, something brushed against my leg..."
HS. "Eleanor!"
EC. "It wasn't me... I swear!"
PE. "Wasn't me either!"


     We looked down and saw a foot coming from behind. I looked up and saw Taylor Swift standing behind us. I just glared at her and she glared right back.


TS. "Don't you dare hurt Selena again Justin..."
MS. P. "Uh, excuse me Ms. Swift we are going to have to ask you to leave since you aren't in this class..."
TS. "Then why does he get to stay here?"
MS. P. "Because people actually like him now will you please leave?"


     We all laughed at Ms. Peazer and I looked up at her and saw her wink at Liam.


HS. "Not to be rude or anything but how old are you Ms. Peazer?"
MS. P. "Please, call me Danielle, but I am 25... but I better get back to the class"


     As soon as she left we all started laughing at her banishing Taylor Swift from the trip.


HS. "So Justin how long are you going to be in Paris?"
JB. "I dunno, my manager wants me to explore different places for a while so maybe about 15 more days then I head to England."
HS. "We have 15 more days here too then we head back to London."
JB. "Aww, that's cool, you guys are like some of my best friends!"
LT. "Aww thank you I'm flattered!"
LP. "Louis I think he's talking to all of us babe."
LT. "Shuddup Liam."


     Liam leaned over and kissed his cheek so Justin was confused. I whispered to him that they were dating and were gay so he just nodded and continued eating the pancakes I got him. I took out the banana I grabbed and started to peel it. I was about to take a bite when everyone started staring at me.


HS. "What? Can't a man eat his banana in peace?"
LT. *Laughs*
HS. "Oh so you wanna play that way huh Lou?"


     I took the banana and deepthroated it without gagging while everyone just stared at me. I winked at Louis who just started laughing again as well as Justin. I saw Liam mutter something to himself and Zayn roll his eyes at their behavior. Eleanor and Perrie were still staring at Justin and Niall was staring at something behind me. I furrowed my eyebrows and turned around and saw Josh coming this way. I turned back around and saw all of the boys look at Josh and roll their eyes. The girls were still staring at Justin so I snapped my fingers in front of them since he was getting uncomfortable again. They shook their heads and looked down blushing madly. I laughed at them and sat back rubbing my belly. A few seconds later Josh got over here and kissed Niall on the cheek and he scrunched up his nose. I almost laughed but I just continued eating my banana.


JD. "You sure do like banana's..."
HS. "Yeah well it's not because of the shape if that's what you are thinking. If it was it would still be bigger than yours."
JD. "Umm, it was just a comment, calm down dude."
HS. "You can't tell me what to do you- well actually I can't say that. I was about to call you a dick when I remembered you don't have one."
JD. "How would you know?"
HS. "When I walked by your room on the way here you left your door open and was moaning Niall's name to the tune of Baby."
JB. "Oh my god, that is nasty you pervert!"


     I sat back and watched as everyone sat there shocked by the little conversation and Niall was just looking at him lovingly.


NH. "If you wanted to do that with me you could have just said so."
HS. "Thought you were planning on staying abstinent?" I smirked at the little Irish lad.
NH. "Like you said people's minds and heart's can change."
HS. "Oh so you finally decided to listen to me, that's cool."


     He rolled his eyes at me and just leant back in his chair.


LT. "Well this is awkward..."
JB. *Nods*
HS. "I think I'm gonna take a walk, anyone wanna come with me besides, what's your name again?"
JD. "Why would you wanna know, you just call me something else every time."
HS. "Oh yeah now I remember, anyone besides Jack?"
EC. "I'm gonna go shopping with Perrie"
JB. "I need to go call Scooter"
LT. "I'm gonna take a nap"
LP. "Ehh, I'll go"
ZM. "I've got nothing better to do..."
HS. "Okay I will see you lads in a minute, I need to go get on my tennis shoes. Meet me outside my door in 5 minutes."


     They both nodded and we parted ways so that we can get ready. I walked back to the hotel and slipped on my shoes waiting for them to get here. I sat down in the chair by the door and played a game of Flappy Bird on my phone. I was about to beat my high score when all of a sudden someone came up behind me and poked my sides.


HS. *Manly scream*
JB. "Very manly Harry, very manly indeed..."
HS. "At least I don't sound like Ms. Piggy when I scream..."
JB. "Shuddup"


      A few minutes later Zayn and Liam came walking down the hallway talking. We walked for about 20 minutes until Zayn started complaining about Justin stealing Perrie from him. When we got back we all just headed back to my room. I was about to open the door when I heard something going on.


'Niall, baby, you know I like you?'
'Tell me why you would go try and kiss Justin then?'
'No get out...'
'Get out!'


     We walked back in the room at that time so that it wouldn't look like we were eavesdropping and I furrowed my eyebrows when I saw Niall crying. I slipped over to him and just wrapped my arms around him making him cry harder. We sat like that for a few minutes until I got up to give him some time.

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