Catch Me When I Fall *Narry Storan* COMPLETE

Harry Styles- school flirt, not a bad boy but not a good one either, popular, likes everyone except one person.
Niall Horan- transfered from Ireland, funny, cheeky but not flirty, popular, likes eveyone except one person.

When you get paired with your worst enemy for 1 month in Paris the city of love, lets say not everyone is a happy camper. At the end they will both be singing

Are we friends or are we mo-o-ore?


23. Harry's P.O.V

     It has been Niall's P.O.V for a while now so now it MIGHT be Harry's P.O.V for a while! Also take into consideration that this is a story of my imagination so Gemma probably never went to Paris and nothing else that has or will happen never happened! I was crying when I was writing this chapter so be warned later on! lol! Enough rambling for those who read!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When I got outside I saw the girls approaching, I waited outside the door until they got here.


EC. "How come you didn't change?"
HS. "I can"t go back in there right now, I will explain when we get outta here." As soon as we stepped foot outside of the building they started interrogating.
GS. "Spill Harold."
HS. "Well, when I went back to the room, I saw the 2 getting really comfortable on my bed so I said 


'Are you serious?! We have already talked about this, your bed or Do Not Disturb signs please! That is all I ask of you!'
'Your roommate is really cranky' He whispered to Niall and he just nodded.
'Well you would be too if you walked in your room and it looked like 2 guys you barely even know are about to have sex on your bed!'
'We weren't gonna have sex on your bed, you know I plan on staying abstinent!'
'Yeah well, people's minds and hearts change.' "


GS. "Harry, you probably really hurt him!"
HS. "And he didn't hurt me? I said no 2 times then he goes and kisses guys on MY bed!"
EC. "Harry you do have a point but you will have to face him at some point."
HS. "I know but not right now, but lets not focus on that. So that over there is..."


     For the rest of the time I pointed out random buildings and they just got stuck on this one place.


HS. "Over here is the love lock bridge, do you know what it's here for?"
EC. "Nope..."
HS. "Well, besides the Eiffel Tower, this is probably my favorite place in all of Paris. You see all of these locks with names on them? What you do is you would take the person you love dearly and you would write your names on the lock and you would lock it somewhere onto the bridge. Then you would both take the key and together you would throw the key into the river."
GS. "Oh my god, that is so sweet... oh no!"
HS. "What?"
EC. "Look who is here."


     I looked over to where she was pointing and saw Niall and Josh holding a lock and a marker. I just looked down into the river and saw all of these keys in the river when one just kept sparkling so much brighter than the other keys. I saw writing on it and it said AS + DS. I felt a tear slip out of my eye and I saw that everyone else noticed. I pointed it out to the two girls and Gemma started crying and Eleanor just hugged us. I looked up and saw Niall looking at us but I just shook my head and straightened up. We started walking again and I kept pointing out sights. We spotted a little music store so we went inside. The girls just looked around at the records when I spotted this acoustic guitar standing on display. I looked at the display tag and it said Yamaha FG700S Folk Acoustic Guitar, Natural and it was only $200. I quickly bought it with some money I had saved up from the bakery and around the house. I still had about $300 left so I was still good on money. We walked outside and the girls asked why I had bought it.


HS. "I wanna learn how to play, I mean I already know a few songs but you know..."


     I strapped it onto my back and we headed back to the hotel. When we got back we parted ways and I headed to my room. When I walked in, luckily they were on Niall's bed so I set the guitar down on the stand that came with it and laid down in bed. I had just relaxed when he started talking.


NH. "What's with the guitar?"
HS. "I saw it in a shop me and the girls were in and thought it looked nice so I got it..."
NH. "What kind is it?"
HS. "Yamaha FG700S Folk Acoustic Guitar, Natural, well that's the name on the tag but I prefer Joey. Yeah it seems like a Joey..."


     Just then Louis came prancing in the room and sat down on my bed.


LT. "Hiya Niall, Josh, Harry, Joey."
Hs. "Hey, you know you make a really soft pillow. Ugh!"


     I laid my head  on his stomach and he just played with my curls. I accidentally giggled and he just started tickling me.


HS. "Lou- eh, stop it! That tickles!"
LT. "I know."


     He just grabbed my sides and gave me a slobbery kiss on the cheek.


HS. "Eww, I got cooties now!"
JD. "What is he three?" He murmured.
HS. "No, it's called not being able to mess around with my best friend without being judged, jackass..." I seethed at him making Louis stare at me.
LT. "Did you just curse?!"
HS. "Piss me off and I will-"
LT. "Okay, we get it..."


     He said and slapped his hand over my mouth before I could finish my sentence. When he removed his hand I just smiled at him innocently making him roll his eyes. I pulled my cupcake face on him and he just kept laughing at me. I heard Niall mutter something but I didn't quite catch it.


LT. "So do you know how to play any songs on Joey?"
HS. "Uh, I know a few."
LT. "Play one!"
HS. "Okay... but don't judge! The one I know best is a Justin Bieber song..."


     I went up and grabbed the guitar and tuned it before playing the one I know the best.


"That Should Be Me"

Everybody's laughing in my mind
Rumors spreading 'bout this other guy
Do you do what you did when you
Did with me?
Does he love you the way I can?
Did you forget all the plans
That you made with me?
'cause baby I didn't

That should be me
Holdin' your hand
That should be me
Makin' you laugh
That should be me
This is so sad
That should be me
That should be me
That should be me
Feelin' your kiss
That should be me
Buyin' you gifts
This is so wrong,
I can't go on,
Till you believe that
That should be me

That should be me

You said you needed a little time
For my mistakes
It's funny how you use that time
To have me replaced
But did you think that I wouldn't see you out at the movies
What you doin' to me
You're takin' him where we used to go
Now if you're tryin' to break my heart
It's working 'cause you know that

That should be me
Holdin' your hand
That should be me
Makin' you laugh
That should be me
This is so sad
That should be me
That should be me
That should be me
Feelin' your kiss
That should be me
Buyin' you gifts
This is so wrong,
I can't go on,
Till you believe that
That should be me

I need to know, should I fight for love or disarm
It's getting harder to shield
This pain in my heart

That should be me
Holdin' your hand
That should be me
Makin' you laugh
That should be me
This is so sad
That should be me
That should be me
That should be me
Feelin' your kiss
That should be me
Buyin' you gifts
This is so wrong,
I can't go on,
Till you believe that
That should be me
Holding your hand
That should be me
The one making you laugh, oh baby
That should be me
That should be me giving you flowers
That should be me
Talking for hours
That should be me,
That should be me
That should be me
Never should've let you go
I never should've let you go
That should be me
Never should've let you go
That should be me
Never should've let you go
I never should've let you go
That should be me


LT. "Well you coulda played a not so depressing song, jeez"
HS. "Yeah well, that song has always related to me, ever since what happened 2 years ago, remember?"
LT. "Oh yeah, I am so sorry about what happened a while ago. I shoulda told you about her..."
HS. "It's fine, I guess I just didn't wanna see what was going on in front of me... Sad part is, today woulda been our 6 year anniversary"
LT. "You dated her for 4 years?!"
HS. "That's why I was how I was when you met me Lou, didn't wanna get hurt or replaced again but..."
LT. "But what?"
HS. "But life never turns out how you want..." I said motioning over to the 2 boys on Niall's bed kissing and giggling.
HS. "Worst part is, it all happened in the same place, same hotel, same floor, same room, same bed... plus she's the one who took it..." I sniffled into Louis' shirt putting emphasis on it.
LT. "I'm going to hunt down that bitch!"
HS. "Louis' it's fine I have moved on and I hope she has too, although she was my first love... I will never forget Eleanor. Weird how we both had really terrible break ups in Paris with our first loves and they were both named Eleanor."
LT. "Well, like I said to Niall..."
HS. "Only time will tell and maybe they weren't ready for a relationship... he accidentally called me that night..."
NH. "So you listened to my conversation?"
HS. "Josh you need to leave, this is a private conversation..."
NH. "Whatever you say to me you can say to him..."
HS. "Josh leave now!" He scurried and picked up all of his stuff and quickly left.
NH. "What the hell was that for?!"
HS. "You know what, I'm fucking done dealing with you Niall. That day when you brought that asshole here I was gonna say I was ready but no I chickened out because I'm a good friend who would rather die inside and you be happy. Every time I came in here and saw you 2 doing whatever I played it cool because my feelings were never important to you. But when you started doing it with him on my damn bed, I could just say then and there that no one loved me. My mom always spent time with her boyfriend, my dad never fucking called, Gemma would always say you are so annoying and that always hit home with me. The only person who was there for me was Eleanor. I didn't know Louis very well at the time and then you started being upset with me for no damn reason, well I never took it well. I never took anything well. And now is as good as never to show this shit I've always held inside."


     I showed them the cuts that were on my arms then grabbed my keys, phone, and wallet and left the dreaded hotel. I hadn't even stepped foot outside of the hotel and my phone started blaring like crazy. I looked at the caller ID and it said Niall so I hit reject every time he called. The only person I picked up for was Eleanor since she was the only person there for me at the time. As soon as I picked up she started telling me to come back to the hotel but I refused. Eventually she gave up and said to meet her at the bridge. I fiddled with my pocket until she got there.


EC. "Harry, I am so sorry for whatever happened..."
HS. "It hurts so much Eleanor..." I whimpered into her shoulder.
EC. "I was gonna use this for Louis and I but why don't we use it Haz..."
HS. "Okay..." I whispered.


     We wrote our names on the front then on the back 'I love you best friend! <3'. We clipped it onto the gate and by then a crowd started to gather around. In the background I saw these 5 boys singing Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid. We threw the key into the river and everyone started to cheer.


Stranger. "Kiss her!"
HS. "Uhh..."
EC. "Just do it to get them to shut up..." She whispered and giggled.


     I just shrugged slightly and grabbed her face in my hands. She closed her eyes and so did I. I lightly pressed my lips against hers for a minute then pulled away and opened my eyes. Everyone started to cheer so we just headed back to the hotel but I just stayed as far away from anyone as possible. I knew I couldn't forever but it was working now. The sun was setting now and I saw Niall walking into someone else's room so I quickly got a shower and laid flat down on my bed under the covers so that he wouldn't know I'm here. I put my headphones into the iPod I brought with me and put That Should Be Me on repeat.


~7:00 a.m.~


     I wanted to get up early the next morning so that I could get out of the room and avoid him for a good 2 hours then have to start watching out for him. I was about to get outta bed when I heard stirring coming from the other bed so I quickly got back in bed. I peaked out from the sheets and saw him looking over here so I quickly got back under the covers.


NH. "Harry, I know you are in here..." He muttered then stood up shocked.
NH. "When did you get in here?!"
HS. *Silence*
NH. "I know you are awake"
HS. *Silence*
NH. *Harold*
HS. *Silence*


     I got up out of bed and noticed I was still only in my boxers but then I got a text from Eleanor to call her when I woke up so I went ahead and called her.


HS. "Hello?"
EC. "Harry, quick question how are we going to tell Louis?"
HS. "Eleanor, are you scared to tell Louis that we kissed?" I heard a loud bang in the background but I just ignored it.
EC. "A little, I mean you are his best friend and all..."
HS. "Don't worry I will tell him that we kissed. Once he knows the full story, I'm sure he will understand..."
EC. "You are a lifesaver my friend!"
HS. "I get that a lot but quick question, am I a good kisser?" I heard another bang so I turned around and saw Niall atop his suitcase.
EC. "Hmm, I'd say so, what about me?"
HS. "Oh my gawwd, Eleanor you are like the bestest kisser ever! I was tempted to go even further gurl!" I said in my best girly voice ever...
EC. "You crack me up Harry Styles!"
HS. "Same here Eleanor Calder, I'm gonna go tell Louis, love you!"
EC. "Love you too, bye!"
HS. "Bye!"


    I hung up still hearing her laugh so I smiled to myself. I got dressed for the day and grabbed my keys, phone, and wallet. I headed down to Louis room and right when I was about to knock the door opened.


LT. "Hey Harry, what's up lad?"
HS. "Hi Lou, uh, I have to tell you something but please don't get mad."
LT. "Okay, what is it?"
HS. "Well yesterday when I left, Eleanor and I met up at the love lock bridge because she was the only one who helped me when I wasn't happy with myself. We talked and she brought out a little padlock so we signed it and locked it and all of that stuff. When we through the key in, a bunch of people kept saying kiss so..."
LT. "So you kissed her..."
HS. "Yeah..."
LT. "Harry, I'm not mad, just kinda shocked, actually you 2 would be really cute together!"
HS. *Rolls eyes* "She is my WCW but we are not dating..." I laughed.
LT. "Suure..."


    We talked all the way to the cafeteria and we sat down with all of the others.


ZM. "Hey Harry, you feeling better?"
HS. "Yeah thanks lads..."


    I sat down next to Eleanor and saw a plate of food on my placemat. I thanked her and hugged her side and she gave me a thumbs up.


PE. "Aww you 2 are so cute together!"
EC. "Uhh, thank you?"

PE. "Well aren't you 2 dating?" I looked at her and shrugged then at Louis and he nodded his head
HS. "I guess but we didn't wanna make it official since she just got out of a relationship with Louis a little while ago but I guess so..."
PE. "Aww, it's so sweet you have courtesy of Louis!"
LT. "Don't worry, make it official, I'm happy with Liam you are happy with each other, we agreed to be like best friends." He said gnawing at his bacon.
HS. "I guess it's official!"


     Just then I whispered in Eleanors ear.

'Do you have any idea where they got that idea from?'
'Nope but let's play a prank on them'
'But Niall already did that...'
'Yes except he didn't really sell it'


     I kissed her on the ear and she started to giggle. I knew she would do that because I used to do it to her when we were younger. Just then I looked up and saw Niall leaving Josh and joining us and Josh leaving.


NH. "Hey guys."
LT. "Hey Niall, when are you and Josh gonna make it official?"
NH. "We're not dating, he's like a brother to me, but he is really touchy"
ZM. "Dang I was hoping there would be a third official couple today!"
NH. "Who is the other 2?"
LP. "Louis and I and Harry and Eleanor."
NH. "I thought you were gay though?"
HS. "What? I'm not gay, but I do have something to say. I have been feeling a little bit dishonest with myself lately and I thought I was straight then I thought I was gay. Except I know I'm not gay because I really do like Eleanor so I wanted to say that I'm bisexual."
NH. "Prove you're dating."
HS. "Okay..."


     I turned to Eleanor and cupped her cheeks and looked in her eyes for a minute asking for permission. When she slightly nodded I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers slightly nudging hers. After a second she started to kiss back so I grinned against her lips. I pulled away and heard a bunch of 'Awws!' coming from around the table and I just wrapped my arms around her slim body. I took out my phone and took a selfie with her then put it on Instagram. I was about to take a silly one with her when all of a sudden I heard Louis shout 'Oscar Selfie!'. All of a sudden a bunch of people piled behind us so I quickly took it and uploaded it since Niall was claustrophobic. I know I shouldn't be worrying about him but I wouldn't wish someones fears against even my worst enemies.


HS. "Hey we should all have like a triple date! Then we need to find Niall over here a girl."
NH. "Uhh..."
HS. "Fine we will find you a guy-"
NH. "No!"
HS. "Well geez someone's picky, you could go with a koala bear-"
NH. "I don't wanna go on a quadruple date or whatever!"
LT. "Why not?" He pressed trying to get the truth out of him that we all wanted to know.
NH. "Because I already like someone!"
LP. "Who?"
NH. "I like Harry okay?!" He yelled and stormed out.


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