Catch Me When I Fall *Narry Storan* COMPLETE

Harry Styles- school flirt, not a bad boy but not a good one either, popular, likes everyone except one person.
Niall Horan- transfered from Ireland, funny, cheeky but not flirty, popular, likes eveyone except one person.

When you get paired with your worst enemy for 1 month in Paris the city of love, lets say not everyone is a happy camper. At the end they will both be singing

Are we friends or are we mo-o-ore?


22. Harry's P.O.V

     When Niall left the room, I decided that I would just ponder over our conversation earlier. I knew he wouldn't be gone long, he never was. He would just go to the bar grab a few to go things and then he would come back. When he accidentally called me, I wanted to hang up but then I wanted to know what they were gonna talk about. Niall just talked about what was happening between us without bringing me up, thankfully, but Louis was no help to him. I noticed that there was shuffling so I quickly hung up. I was at a loss of words for a minute I mean I am such a hypocrite. I flirt with him and tell him that I won't wait forever but when he says he likes me too then I say no. Who does that, someone who is too stuck up on their pride that's who! He even said that we wouldn't even have to come out but I still said no because of my damn pride. I decided that when he got back I would tell him that I wanna be with him. About 5 minutes later Niall came prancing in the door and I was about to talk except he wasn't alone. In stepped this guy that was probably a few inches taller than Niall, and he had quite the hair with these really brown eyes. I just quieted down when he stepped in so that I wouldn't say the wrong thing. You could clearly see his biceps too.


NH. "Hey Harry, this is my friend Josh, Josh this is my friend Harry."
HS. "Hi Niall, what's up Josh?"
JD. "Hiya Harry, we just went out for breakfast nothing much though..."
HS. "Oh cool, do you work out a lot?"
JD. "Sometimes but I mainly just play the drums."
HS. "Oh cool, a drummer and guitar player that would be cute."
NH. "What, I'm not even gay?! Where would you get those ideas from?!"
HS. "Just saying ya'll would be cute together..."
JD. "Ya'll, what are you, from Tennessee?"
HS. "No, I am proper English. I grew up on the fair part of town. Would you like some tea or crumpets? Would you like me to take your coat?"
JD. "Hmm, wait are you the Harry Styles?"
HS. "Uhh,  yeah, why?"
JD. "Me and my friends used to love watching you and your band play. White Eskimo was awesome!"
HS. "Thank you, but if you will excuse me, I am going to go take a walk around Paris, bye."


     Once I excused myself from the room, I grabbed my keys, phone, and wallet and headed out the door. I don't know how far I had walked but when I looked at my phone to see what time it was it said that it was 10:00 a.m. when I left and it's 11:00 now. I plugged in my headphones and Grenade came on just expressing how I feel. I just looked down at the ground and kicked around random pebbles. I looked up from the ground and saw that in front of me was the Eiffel Tower. It was even more breath taking than the pictures Gemma had showed me. I sat down on one of the benches and almost fell asleep when my phone rang. I looked at the screen and saw Niall's picture of a little leprechaun pop up. I decided to just let it ring and walk back to the hotel when I saw it was about 12 o' clock. For most of the walk back, I would look back for a minute and just stare at the Tower. When I got back at was about 10 until 1. As soon as I opened the door I was bombarded with questions by Niall but I just stood at the doorway awkwardly until he moved out of the way so that I could come in. As soon as I got inside the door, Louis and Zayn pulled me out to the hallway.


LT. "Harry? Where the hell have you been?! What are we gonna sing?!"
HS. "Louis, Zayn, hiya lads! I was at the Eiffel Tower, and don't worry, I have the next song in my dresser drawer."
ZM. "You went to the Eiffel Tower without us?"
HS. "Explore and you will find it lads. And remember we wrote this song after the first show remember it's called..."
LT. "It's called what?" He asked dumbly
HS. "Read the lyrics and you will remember... I don't want anyone to steal our songs."


     After I gave them the sheet, I saw that they started to remember the words and the title.


LT. "You my buddy are a lifesaver."
ZM. "Yeah we could be the Three Musketeers!"
HS. "Liam could be Mr. Good-bar since he is the mature one and Niall could be a Snickers since he laughs a lot."
LT. "Not that I'm complaining but how did we go from nailing you about the song to comparing each other to candy bars?"
ZM. "Who knows?"
HS. "Do ya'll wanna head down-"
LT. "Sure!"


     I smirked at Louis because I knew why he wanted to get down to the arena so fast. He just blushed a crimson red so I just dropped it and rolled my eyes. By the time we got there it was 1:15 so we still had a good 45 minutes left. The whole time and during the competition I just went on Twitter and played on Flappy Bird. I looked up when Louis started poking me and saw that Niall and Liam were on stage. I put up my phone for courtesy and focused on the 2 boys. They sang a song called Summer Love which put me into a little sad mood but I didn't show it. I had a summer love about 2 years ago but thats the past and I would prefer not to talk about it. When I looked back up they were getting off the stage so the 3 of us went on and sang Through The Dark. We got off the stage after that and I looked and saw Niall looking down and Liam staring in awe of Louis. Ms. Peazer put up the results and surprisingly we came in first and Niall and Liam came in second. After that I told the boys that I was going to go walking again. Louis asked if I was going to the tower again so I said yeah and he ended up tagging along. After a few minutes of silence I spoke up.


HS. "So, what's going with you and Mr. Payne huh huh?"
LT. *Blushes* "It's going good-"
HS. "Wait, not that you and Liam are together, what happened to you and Eleanor?!"
LT. "Shit!"
HS. "You never broke it off?! Dude!"
LT. "I'm sorry, did you ever break it off with Cara?!"
HS. "We're not even dating Louis, and plus why would I need to- wait that's not the point! Louis, I know you have strong feelings for Li and all but please be careful when you break it off with El? She is one of my best friends but she is also a really fragile person. Luckily she is back at the hotel-"
LT. "Why is she at the hotel?!"
HS. "She is in my French class-"
LT. "Dammit! Liam and I have been holding hands and shit so now she probably knows!"
HS. "This is why I don't cheat, I mean you wouldn't want to objectify women-"
LT. "Now is not the time for you philosophy lessons Harold."
HS. "Just saying."


     We just dropped the subject and continued walking when this little girl ran up to me tugging at my pants.


HS. "Hi sweet heart!"
LG. "I- I- I can't f- find my mo- mommy!"
HS. "Oh no! Come here!"


     I picked her up and balanced her on my hip while Louis talked to one of the police men in the area.


HS. "Do you know what your mommy's name is?"
LG. "J- Jennifer"
HS. "What is your name?"
LG. "Darcy Aniston"
HS. "Your mommy is Jennifer Aniston?"
DA. *Nods*
JA. *In the distance* "Darcy! Darcy! Where are you baby girl?!"
HS. "Jennifer! I have Darcy!" I saw someone spin around then run towards us.
JA. "Darcy! Why did you run off like that!"
DA. "Your mean friend told me to."
JA. "Never do that again, do you understand me?"
DA. *Nods*
JA. "I can take her now but thank you so much young man! You are a lifesaver!"
HS. "I get that a lot, I'm Harry."
JA. "Jennifer but is there any way I could ever repay you?"
HS. "No ma'am I just love your daughters name though."
JA. "Thank you, but wait why are you in France if you have a British accent?"
HS. "School trip ma'am"
JA. "Please don't call me ma'am, it makes me feel old."
HS. "Yes- okay, but I should get going. It was very lovely to meet you Jennifer."
JA. "You too Harry!"
HS. "Oh and here is my number in case you ever want a baby sitter or whatever..."
JA. "Okay mine is..."


     I walked back to Louis and he was staring at me star struck.


HS. "What are you staring at?"
LT. "You just got Jennifer Anistons number!"
HS. "So?"
LT. "I heard that not even her siblings have her number!"
HS. *Rolls eyes and plugs ear buds in*
LT. "I'm gonna head back to the hotel and get this over with, bye!"
HS. "Bye!"


     I put the music on shuffle and I Think About You by Ross Lynch came on and it reminded me of Niall so then I clicked the next button then Superhero came on. I groaned and mentally slapped myself for getting a bunch of sappy love songs. I turned around and headed back to the hotel after being at the tower almost all day. When I headed back, my phone said it was about 6:00 so I got back at around 6:54. I stayed just long enough to watch the sun set on the tower. When I got I back I unlocked the door and saw Niall and Josh about to kiss.


HS. "Well jeez if you're gonna kiss or whatever at least do it on your own bed. Jeesh, I have to sleep on that, who knows what else you did on their. Grrr... Or even hang the do not disturb sign they have those for certain reasons ya' know?"


     As soon as I started talking they jumped off the bed and started scratching their necks. I just laughed at their awkwardness although I was dying inside. I told him no one or two times so he just goes and kisses other guys on my bed! I don't think he ever really liked me now that I think about it. I mean even when I did flirt with him he blushed and all but even Zayn has blushed at my flirting. I all of a sudden just thought over every move I had made on him. I felt a frown set on my face so I just grabbed my stuff and headed out again. I had no idea where to. I just walked and walked and walked. I sat down outside outside of whatever building I had stopped outside of and saw my sister come out of it next door.


HS. "Gemma what are you doing in Paris?"
GS. "Harry! Mom wanted me to come and make sure you were doing all right but what are you doing here?"
HS. "Thinking..."
GS. "All right what's wrong Haz?"
HS. "I will explain on the way back to my hotel. Don't worry it's only $96 a night."
GS. "Great so I can stay for a few days!"
HS. "Yes!"


     On the way back to the hotel I explained everything going on between Niall and I including Josh but leaving out the extent of the flirting and the doubt that was settling and making a little village in my brain and my heart.


GS. "Well baby brother, sometimes love comes with sacrifice. The question is, are you willing to make these sacrifices for love?"
HS. "I dunno, but anyways, you wanna go hand out with Eleanor?"
GS. "Geesh, I just got here and you are already trying to get rid of me"
HS. "No, I just wanna go lay down. Eleanor might be with Perrie so you might make a new friend. Today's Friday so leave your schedule open for tomorrow, I will show you around."
GS. "Okay, cool, when I came I was only here for like 3 days. Lol."


     We made it outside of my room when she said she was going to go lay her bags down in her room then she would come back. I went inside and saw Niall and Josh cuddling on his bed. I was just emotionless now so I called Louis and Eleanor that they could come down since Gemma was coming and they said they would be here in about 5 minutes.


HS. "You might wanna stop snuggling or whatever because Louis and a couple of other people are coming over."
NH. "Do they have to come?"
HS. "Yes they do because they are coming here to hang out with someone very important."


     Just as I said that someone knocked on the door and it was Gemma. I picked her up, spun her around, and kissed her on the cheek and she just giggled.


GS. "Harold, you saw me just 5 minutes ago. Who are they?"
HS. "Gemma this is Josh and Niall, Josh and Niall this is Gemma"
GS. "Hiya Josh and Niall, wait which one's Josh and which is Niall."
HS. "The brunette is Josh and the other one is Niall"


     Then another knock on the door came and it was Eleanor. She looked a little upset but not too badly but still excited to see Gemma.


EC. "Gemma! Oh my god girl you look fabulous, no wonder guys are always falling for you!"
GS. "Except I'm stuck with this one." She giggled and gave me a noogie making me laugh.
HS. "Don't mess up the hair!"
EC. "Aww, you can't handle 2 girls and Louis? How sweet!"
HS. "Piggy back ride!" I said and grabbed Gemma.
GS. "Wha- ah! Harold put me down!"
HS. "Alright." I gently set her down then grabbed Eleanor and slung her over my shoulder making her giggle uncontrollably.
EC. "Ah, dude you are strong." I flexed my muscles making her laugh while Niall and Josh sat over on the bed awkwardly.
LT. "Hello my peasants!"
EC. "I am not your peasant Tomlinson." She said and whacked him on the back of the head and they both giggled.
HS. "They broke up so don't mention anything to them, I will explain tomorrow." I whispered to her and she nodded.
LT. "You know Harry is so awesome, he got Jennifer Anistons number!"
HS. "Louis why would you bring that up? But I only did because her daughter ran away so I told took care of her until she got her and I said I would be happy to babysit, that's it."


     The rest of the night the 4 of us just laughed and for the girls giggled until Gemma left so El and Lou did. I kissed Gemma's cheek goodnight and Eleanor then I hugged Lou bye then shut the door smiling.


JD. "I'm gonna go, goodnight."


     I opened the door still smiling and then closed it for him then changed to my boxers and underwear.


NH. "Cute girlfriend" He muttered so I laughed leaving him confused.
HS. "That isn't my girlfriend!"
NH. "That's what it looked like?"
HS. "Dude, that was my sister! Hahaha!"
NH. "Oh, goodnight Haz."
HS. "Goodnight Niall."


~9 A.M.~


     The next morning I woke up all excited and happy for the day. I called my mom and told her that Gemma made it safe. She replied that's good so I told her I love her and miss her and bye and she replied with the same thing. I got dressed and texted Gemma to meet me in the cafeteria and she said okay. I walked down to the cafe and grabbed some eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice and got her the same thing. When she walked in, I saw Eleanor coming along and I didn't mind at all. I waved my hands and they came over when they saw me. When they sat down I handed them the plates then ate the banana and muffin I grabbed when I went up there.


HS. "Hiya ladies!"
EC. "Hey Haz!"
GS. "Hey little brother!"
HS. "Last night, Niall thought you were my girlfriend."
GS. "What?! That is stupid!"
EC. "Are  you serious? He should know your family by now if he likes you."
HS. "What makes you think he likes me?"
EC. "Oh it's really obvious! He is always asking about you now a days."
HS. "Yeah but he keeps hanging out and getting snuggly with that Josh dude, I mean they almost kissed on my bed when I walked in yesterday-"


    Just then Smile by Uncle Kracker started blaring. I checked my phone and saw someone calling.


GS. "Who is it?"
HS. "Niall" I muttered just putting it on the table making Eleanor answer.


EC. "Hell this is Papa's Prostitute House, we are afraid Mr. Styles is with one of our workers but you can come anytime."
NH. "Uh, okay, nevermind."
HS. "Eleanor!"
EC. "Shh!"
NH. "Eleanor I know it's you..."
EC. "Damn you Harry."


    She muttered and handed me my phone. I just snickered at her and told Gemma I would be back.


HS. "Hello?"
NH. "Harry, I was wondering if you had any plans for today?"
HS. "I'm showing Gem and El around Paris, you could hang out with that guy from yesterday though?"
NH. "Oh okay, bye!"
HS. "Bye..."


    I hung up and told the girls what the conversation was about and they just nodded and finished eating. A few minutes after they finished eating I told them to go put on some sneakers since we would be walking a lot and told them to meet me at my room. When I got to my room, I saw Niall and Josh on my bed again.


HS. "Are you serious?! We have already talked about this, your bed or Do Not Disturb signs please! That is all I ask of you!"
JD. "Your roommate is really cranky" He whispered to Niall and he just nodded.
HS. "Well you would be too if you walked in your room and it looked like 2 guys you barely even know are about to have sex on your bed!"
NH. "We weren't gonna have sex on your bed, you know I plan on staying abstinent!"
HS. "Yeah well, people's minds and hearts change."


     I muttered biting my lip and going to the door and leaving when the girls knocked. When I left, I saw his expression turn into a really upset one that looked like he was about to cry but I just left.



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