Catch Me When I Fall *Narry Storan* COMPLETE

Harry Styles- school flirt, not a bad boy but not a good one either, popular, likes everyone except one person.
Niall Horan- transfered from Ireland, funny, cheeky but not flirty, popular, likes eveyone except one person.

When you get paired with your worst enemy for 1 month in Paris the city of love, lets say not everyone is a happy camper. At the end they will both be singing

Are we friends or are we mo-o-ore?


4. Harry's P.O.V

The day was going by fast even though nothing really happened. Morning became noon which became afternoon and eventually made it to dusk. The group decided to head back to our own rooms at about 9 since curfew was in an hour but i just couldn't get Niall out of my head 'told you!' 'not now'. i kept tossing and turning all night and when i looked at the clock it said 11:30 p.m.


i turned over to see if Niall was still awake but i heard snores coming out of his mouth then occasionally he would say    hmm... yeah babe... i know... i love you too h- no... come back h-... please?    every time the 'h' would come out i thought he was about to say my name but then i would remember that he's straight. i just couldn't sleep without thinking of him and knowing me, i might have a wet dream and he would tease me about it forever not knowing it would be about him. all of a sudden i thought up a few poems and decided to write them down.

"Why?" (Will not rhyme)

When I think of you, I think of your eyes and your caring heart. Your spirit so bright that the sun is jealous.
When I see you, I see you so happy that you won't stop smiling but when you see me... it all turns around.
When I hear you, I hear angels singing from above.
When I smell you, I smell the greatest of musk with a little of a spring.
When I touch you, it's like I have been electrocuted but a thousand times and the shock will never go away.
I know I have feelings for you and I have come to admit that to myself but I know you don't feel the same after all you're as straight as your teeth after the braces.

Why will I always be the one to sit back and watch you have a good time?
Why can't you see me and think of me every second of the day as I do for you?
Why will you be my whole world but I nothing but dust to you?
Why can't I just love someone who will give me a second thought?
Why will I be always desperate for your attention but get nothing but a second at most?
I know we're supposed to be enemies but you're to innocent to hate.

I can think of all the places I will go but I want it to be you!
I can think of all the concerts I will attend but I want to listen to you!
I can think of all the aroma's I will smell but I want it to be of your cologne!
I can think of all the things I will touch but I want it to be your hands!
I can think of all the things I will taste but I want it to be your lips!
I know I can think of all these things but why can't it be true?

I will love your true beauty when dawn turns to dusk and it will start over but why can't I see mine?
I will love the sound of your voice all day but I've never loved the sound of my voice.
I will love your natural scent but all I can smell of me is desperation.
I will love your soft angelic skin but never my dry and cracked shell.
I will love your sweet heart but never my broken and ashamed one!
I know I will always love you but you will never love me.

"Nothing but A Rose"

Roses are just like hearts, fragile and weak and can rip at any moment.
If you give it to the right person, they will never poison it and will admire its scent and beauty.
If it goes to the wrong person, it will go limp and will never be the same.
No matter how much you nurture and cherish a hurt rose, it will never be good as new.
My heart is just like the hurt rose.
Damaged and torn from not being loved the way I love.
After all you heart is...

Nothing But A Rose

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