Katy is a heartbreaker. She does whatever she can to break hearts. When she cheats on Luke Hemmings with Harry Styles will she change? Probably not. But it sure did leave a dent.


1. Ch.1

Hey my name is Katy smith. I am pregnant. I was raped 8 months ago. I am a heartbreaker. I break hearts before mine gets broken. The truth is that I'm scared. I'm scared that I will get hurt I won't admit it but I am. So instead of getting my heart broken I break hearts. I am not a player I am way different from a player. I have red dyed ends and my natural color is brown but I dyed it blonde. I am 17. And I live in LA. I used to live in the U.K but I ran away. I now live with my best friend Erin Jinnles in a small apartment. We don't go to school because honestly who needs grades. I usually sit at home being antiscocial until I go to work at the mall at 3:15. I don't get back until 7:15 on Monday-Thursday. I get paid $500 an hour. And I have greenish blue eyes. It's Friday and I don't get off till 1:00. I started at 7:00 a.m. It is 12:40 right now. I count the minutes until I get off. God this takes forever. It makes it harder that I'm prego so it's hard to bend.

"Slut" a girl about my age says looking at me in disgust. " You might want to hear my story before you call me a slut asshole I was raped. Do you really think I wanted this." I say. The girl just scoffs and walks away. I hate people. Some just come right off the bat and call you names when they don't even know my story. I hate it. It's so rude.

I am now off work and I walk over to the bench that Erin told me to meet at. When I get there I see Erin talking to I think 9 boys. It's hard to count. "Oh there she is right now hi Katy." Erin says. "Hi I'm Katy and before you call me a slut I was raped." I say. "Why would we do that to a beautiful girl like you?" One with brown hair and bluish eyes asks. I look up and smile. "Because everyone else does except the people I work with and Erin." I say. " Rude." They all say. "You

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