The Money or Love Call

Tyler Kemps had everything. He was a millionare with a nice car, and a big house. He even has a beautiful wife Mia Kemps, and their darling daughter Emily Kemps. But after his riches get to his head, and Tyler develops a crazy ego and attitude that cause the life of his wife and child to be in terrible danger. Held for an insane ransome that will leave Tyler a regular, paycheck to paycheck guy he has to choose between his family and his other family, his money. After being manipulated by the man who has his family, and put on adventure after adventure, will Tyler see his money as more important?


1. Prologue: That Night

My hands smoothed over my urban outfitters shirt, folding over the creases as I smile at myself in my room mirror. A chuckle escapes my lips, feeling on top of the world. A mansion. A little girl. A beautiful wife. Money, tons of it. I was more than well off. Often, I stare at myself in the mirror and thank whatever being is up there for being so good to me. I'm sexy and rich, what else was there to ask for? Stepping away from the mirror, I greeted my wife walking into the room. Her red stilettos clicked against my marble floor. Her arms wrapped tightly around my neck while she pulled me into a tight embrace. Her eyes sparkled in admiration as her lips lightly attached to mine. "Good Afternoon, love." Her melodic voice sang out to reach me, my hands immediately wrapping around her skinny waist. "Good Afternoon, beautiful." My hands swept through her long brunette locks. "Happy Anniversary." She spoke in a hushed tone, as if there were tons around, and our one year was between us. It was between us, no one else had a beautiful wife like I did. No one lived a beautiful life like me. It's our day.
Her fingers laced with mine as she pulled out of my large room, bringing me down the long corridor to Emily's room. The door creaked open, and my eyes scanned the floor for my daughters petite body. Emily dropped her dolls and grabbed onto my leg, trying to pull her way up into my embrace. Wrapping my arms tightly around my five year old girl, I picked her up and placed a soft peck on her cheek. "We'll be home before bedtime to tuck my princess in, okay?" My words echoed in her room fit for a family. With a nod of her head and a quick "I love you, Mommy and Daddy." She was out of my hands, and back with her Anna and Elsa dolls from her new favorite princess movie, Frozen. I turned out of her room, my wife holding my forearm. This night belongs to us. I was Tyler Kemps, and nothing can stop me from what I wanted.

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