Beautiful Mistakes

Sammy is new to the whole college thing. She's a freshman and one of the hottest seniors is her room mates boyfriend's friend. Not only is he hot but he is also in the band one direction. Harry styles. That's right Sammy is now friends with Harry styles. What happens is just the beginning of her crazy life.


4. What do I do?


I woke up the next morning and had to start classes today. Ug. My classes go by in a blur. All I can think about is Harry. I can't stop thinking about him. I also can't stop thinking about all the other girls he has been with. I can't be with him. I need to focus on school and he needs to focus on his career. I need to clear my head so I go to the Starbucks that's on campus. When I get there I notice someone. Oh no. Ryan. My ex boyfriend. I see him quickly smile at me and run over. "Hey, do you go to this school?" He asks. "Yeah. Why?" "No way. Me too!" Oh great my ex goes to the same college as me now. Me and Ryan have a long history. We were best friends since we were 3 and then in 8th grade we went to the dance together. He was my first kiss. We sit down and catch up. He buys me a drink and then I get a text.

From: Harry

Hey wanna come to Niall's tonight? We are all going and I really need to talk to you. X- H

"Hey, sorry Ryan. I have to go. I'll see you around." I say getting up and walking out of Starbucks. I really like Harry but I just can't deal with this. I start to take out my phone to text Harry back but I bump into something. Of course with my luck it's Harry. This happens a lot. It's like he secretly has a tracking device on me. We always bump into each other. "I'm so.." I cut him off. "Don't even say it. I think we are past that." I say laughing and remembering the other moments just like this when we run Ito each other. "I'm glad I found you. We really need to talk about the party last night" he says and I can tell it's going to be a long conversation. We sit down on the bench at the nearby park and talk. "I really like you. Every time I see you I fall for you more and more. I know my life is crazy but I need you to be a part of it." He says. "Harry, I like you too but you are always so busy and I don't want to get in the way. Besides I'm sure you could find someone better. I really like you but...." I'm cut off by his lips on mine. When people in movies and books have those so called "firework" moments I always just laughed thinking that they weren't real. But now I know that they are. When the kiss stops, Harry just smiles and looks straight into my eyes. "Sammy, will you be my girlfriend?"

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