Beautiful Mistakes

Sammy is new to the whole college thing. She's a freshman and one of the hottest seniors is her room mates boyfriend's friend. Not only is he hot but he is also in the band one direction. Harry styles. That's right Sammy is now friends with Harry styles. What happens is just the beginning of her crazy life.


2. Well this is awkward...


Who was that? She was cute for a freshman. Wait, is this hers. Crap she left her stuff here when she ran into me. Do I bring it back to her? I'll just go ask Niall if he knows what I should do. "Hey Niall I ran into this freshman girl and she left her stuff in the hallway. What do I do?" I ask Niall as casually as possible purposely leaving out the fact that she was in only a towel. "Personally I would ask Liam, this is his kind of situation but just take it to Carlie's dorm and see if she knows who's it is. And while your there ask her if she is almost ready to go to Nando's. I'm starving." Is that boy ever not hungry? I finally get to Carlie's dorm and knock on the door. I wonder what that girl's name was.......


After finally getting dressed I hear a knock on the door. It's probably for Carlie, considering I don't know anyone yet. I hope they don't care that my hair is still wet. I fling the door open preparing to see some friends of Carlie's but no, Harry is standing right there. Holding my stuff. Including my new Victoria's Secret black lace underwear and bra. Please let him not notice. "Um, hey. I was looking for Carlie but it was to try and find you. Here's your stuff." He says and hands me my stuff. But as I grab the handful something drops. Oh no. Yep. That's my bra. Being picked up by Harry Styles. "Um, here. You dropped...... This." I can tell by his face that he is trying really hard not to laugh at me right now. I can also tell that my cheeks are bright red. "Thanks" I say trying not to sound embarrassed. We stood there for about a minute before he said "Well I'll see you around. What's your name by the way?" He asks. "Sammy" "That's really pretty" he says as he exits the doorway. I finally start to walk back into my room when I hear him call my name. "Oh, and Sammy ....... NICE BRA!!" He screams from the other end of the hallway. I can't help but laugh and then a few minutes later Carlie appears. "Hey. What'd I miss?" She asks seeing that something was causing me to continue laughing. "Oh nothing. Just that a really hot senior guy bumped into me while I was in a towel trying to get here because my clothes got wet and then I left my stuff in the hallway. Then he brought it back and dropped my bra and then screamed in the hallway that I had a nice bra. Oh and I forgot to mention. IT WAS HARRY STYLES!!!" I say in one breath. "Oh I know Harry. He is like my boyfriend's best friend. I may have forgot to mention that I'm dating Niall Horan." Right after she said that I'm pretty sure I spaced out. That means that I'm about to go to lunch with one direction. Oh god. I need to look good for this. I quickly ran to my closet and stripped. Then I pulled out my white jeans, a pink see through lace tank top, my white sweater, and my uggs. Then I rushed to the nearest plug and plug in my straightener. Then I burn the absolute crap out of my hair until it is perfectly straight. Wow the time flies fast. One direction were sitting on my bed and Carlie's when I walked out of the closet. That's right. We have plugs in our closet. (It's a big closet) "Sammy, this is Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry. Boys, this is Sammy." Carlie said as I giggled. "Oh I know Harry. And he knows me better then I want him to" they all stare at me weirdly as Harry stands up to clarify. "Yeah, I bumped into her when she was in nothing but a towel and then said she had a nice bra." Oh Harry. Why did you have to say that. "Didn't need to know that but how bout we go get some food." Niall says. We all squeeze into the small car. Crap. There are only 5 seats and 7 of us. Carlie immediately sat on Niall's lap and then everyone was in the car but me. "It's fine. Go without me. I was invited at last minute anyway. Have fun!" I say turning to start going back to my dorm as I feel a strong set of arms grab me and carry me bridal style into the car and onto his lap. Of course. It was Harry. As Louis hits the gas, we are on our way to Nando's. I look at Harry giving him a questionable look. And he just winks. Oh great. My second day. Classes haven't even started and I am already siting in a seniors lap. Did I mention that the senior is HARRY STYLES? "So how far is this place? I thought it was right down the street" I say trying to break the awkwardness. "It will be another 15 minutes or so. It's a long street" Louis says. I sigh and then outstretched my feet onto Liam and Zayn who were sitting next to us and they give me a confused and annoyed look. "Well I may as well get comfortable if it's going to be another 15 minutes" I say. I feel Harry chuckle below me. "What's so funny?" I ask him. "You" he says, "you're just so cute." I can feel my cheeks turn bright red and I just hope that this 15 minutes goes by fast.

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