Beautiful Mistakes

Sammy is new to the whole college thing. She's a freshman and one of the hottest seniors is her room mates boyfriend's friend. Not only is he hot but he is also in the band one direction. Harry styles. That's right Sammy is now friends with Harry styles. What happens is just the beginning of her crazy life.


5. Sparks Fly


I move towards Sammy and kiss her to cut her off. I always thought that feeling sparks in a kiss was a myth but I guess it's not. I wonder if she feels the same way. I pull away and look right in her beautiful blue/green eyes and can't help but smile. "Sammy, will you be my girlfriend?" I ask hoping she says yes. "Well..... I don't know....YES!" She says hugging me tightly. There it is again. Sparks. I think I might love her. I walk her to her dorm and she unlocks the door, opens it and kisses me goodnight in the doorway.


I'm sitting on my bed when the door swings open and I see Sammy kiss Harry goodnight. WHAT? "So are you guys a thing now?" I ask as she practically jumps out of her shoes. "Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." "No it's fine, I just thought you were still with Niall." She says. Crap. I forgot to tell her that I'll be moving in with him and she will be alone in the dorm. "Yeah.....about Niall, I'll be moving into his house off campus with him tomorrow. I forgot to tell you. Sorry" i really hope she will be ok on her own. "Ok. So I'll be alone?" She asks. "Yeah. Sorry. I'll try and visit often though." I feel bad that I didn't tell her yet. I go back to my studying and then realize she never answered my question about her and Harry. "You didn't answer my question yet." I say as she looks at me and smiles. "The one about me and Harry?" "Yeah. Sooo...?" I really hope they are dating. I've know Harry for a while and he needs someone like Sammy in his life. "Well. He asked me to be his girlfriend." "AND?!?!?!" I practically scream at her. "I said yes. Who wouldn't?" She says. Yay! "YAY! Niall, me, and you and Harry can all go on double dates together!" It's been just me and Niall for a while and I'm not saying I don't like it because I love him but I think having two other people there would be awesome. "Yeah. Ok. Whatever you say. I'll see you tomorrow. I'm tired. Goodnight!" She says as she hops under her duvet cover and goes to sleep.

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