Beautiful Mistakes

Sammy is new to the whole college thing. She's a freshman and one of the hottest seniors is her room mates boyfriend's friend. Not only is he hot but he is also in the band one direction. Harry styles. That's right Sammy is now friends with Harry styles. What happens is just the beginning of her crazy life.


3. Nando's


We finally arrived at Nando's and all sat in a big booth. Me, Carlie, and Zayn were all sitting on one side and Liam Louis and Harry on the other. Sammy was once again just standing there with no seat. " I'll go ask the waiter if I can just pull up a chair" she said as Harry quickly stopped her and shoved Liam and Louis into the corner of the booth. "There's room here next to me." He said. Once again winking at her. I don't know about you guys but I see something going on here. "How about we decide on what we want and order so I don't starve!" I said. "Of course Niall is hungry. What's new?" Stated Liam as everyone started laughing. "Hey. It's not my fault I like food" I said. Once again trying to defend myself against the other boys. "Hey Carlie can I talk to you out side for a minute?" I nervously asked. "Yeah." We finally get outside of Nando's and I slowly say "I wanted to ask you something but I don't know how to really say it." I squeaked. "Are you breaking up with me?" A heart broken Carlie asked. "No of course not! I would never do that! I was going to ask you to move in with me. In the house that I have right off the campus. You want to?" I was cut off by Carlie's lips pressed against mine. "Of course I want to!" She said. We once again kissed for about a minute when I dragged her inside to see that our food was here. When we finished eating, we hopped back into the small car. Carlie on my lap and Sammy on Harry's. Same as the way here. Then, what makes you beautiful Cameron the radio. I'm pretty sure we all know what happened after that.


We finally got back and I remembered that there was a party tonight at Niall's neighbors house. "Are we still all going to the party tonight?" I asked unsure of who was going at all. "Me and Carlie are going" Niall said proudly as if he was king of parties or something. "All of the boys are going, that leaves Sammy." Said Liam. "Sammy, do you want to come?" I asked nervous for the answer. "Well, that's sounds great but I'm really tired." She said. "Come on.....please?" I ask one more time.


I really am tired but then the thought goes through my mind. I am about to turn down going to a party with one direction. You know what...."Fine, I'll go." I say more rude then I meant to. Great. I was just snobby to one direction. "Yayyyyyy!!!" Everyone screams in my ear. I really hope I don't regret this.


Wow. Niall's neighbor's house is huge. We walk inside and the smell of alcohol immediately hits me causing my nose to scrunch up and Harry to laugh at me. "There you go again. Being cute." He says and I can't help but smile. After about five minutes of walking around, I realize that I'm alone. I search for a place to sit and bump into someone. Harry. And his drink spills all over me. Great. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." He quickly says while our faces are just inches apart. "Uh, it's fine. Really. Do you know where a bathroom is? So I can wash this off?" I ask him hoping that he has been here before. "Yeah. Follow me." He practically tells to be heard over the loud music. We finally reach a bedroom. Huge. And then a bathroom almost as big as the bedroom. I walk over to the sink and start to try and see in the mirror how bad the stain is and then I realize something. "Harry, is this water?" I ask. Whatever is on my shirt isn't alcohol and I'm surprised. "Oh, yeah. I don't drink." He says as if he is embarrassed. "Why didn't you tell me it was water? I can't really wash water with water." I say laughing. "Well I don't know. You asked me where the bathroom was so I told you. I guess I was so sorry that I forgot it was water myself." He smiles and I can tell there is a different reason that he told me. "I also wanted to get you alone" he states as he slowly walks toward me and puts his arm on my shoulder sending shivers down my spine. "Why did you want me alone?" I whisper since he is now right in my face. "So I could do this" he says as he slowly moves forward and presses his lips to mine and kisses me. At first I freeze unsure of what to do but eventually I join in and we are making out. I pull away and he looks hurt. "Why'd you stop?" He asks and now I feel guilty. "I just..... Why me? Out of all the girls in the world why me? You're in a famous boy-band and right now your standing here, kissing me. Why?" I manage to squeak out. "From the first time I say you in that hallway I wanted to kiss you. I couldn't wait any longer. If you don't like me that way I get it. I'll just go now." He says slowly turning to walk out of the oversized bathroom. I grab his arm and he turns around and we are face to face. Right away I dig my hands into his beautiful curls and kiss him. He kisses back as his hands rest on my hips. Did Harry Styles really say he liked me? In "that" way?

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