Beautiful Mistakes

Sammy is new to the whole college thing. She's a freshman and one of the hottest seniors is her room mates boyfriend's friend. Not only is he hot but he is also in the band one direction. Harry styles. That's right Sammy is now friends with Harry styles. What happens is just the beginning of her crazy life.


1. College


Today's the day. My first day of college. By first day I mean unpacking relaxing and making new friends. I've always been good with the whole new friends thing. I would make a new friend everyday if I didn't already know everyone at my high school. I may have known a lot of people but some I wish I didn't. One of the reasons I went further away for college is so I could leave my old life behind and start new. I was just the smart not that attractive girl who was just that. Not popular and not unpopular. Just in the middle. Never noticed by boys, always made into the teacher's "favorite" as if my life wasn't embarrassing enough. All my teachers called on me and of course I said the right answer all the time. It just never changed. I had friends but I didn't really consider any of them to be my best friend. As I walk down the long hallway I finally reach the door to my room. Please let me have a good room mate. As I open the door I walk in to meet Carlie. "Hi I'm Carlie. Ive already set up my stuff and I'll be happy to help you with yours!" She practically screams in my ear as she squeezes me tight into a bear hug. We finally finish setting my stuff up and she's actually really cool. She has a boyfriend who goes to the same college and so do his four hot friends. She left out names but I'm to tired to ask so I just keep listening as she explained how she was adopted and she isn't the brightest light bulb in the lamp and a lot more but all I could think about was how I needed sleep and how on earth I was going to make friends tomorrow.


"Sammy wake up! I want you to come to lunch with my boyfriend and his friends later! But we need to be ready in two hours." Since she doesn't know me that well she obviously doesn't know that I get ready in 15 minutes. I get out of my warm college bed and walk over to Carlie's body mirror. Wow I look horrible in the morning. "We are going to Nando's down the street. It's his favorite restaurant." She says while grabbing a towel from the closet. "I forgot to ask, where are the showers?" I really hope they are close by. "Oh yeah. They are right down the hall but stay out of the view of the senior boys." I grab towel and we start to walk together but she forgot shampoo so she decided to take one later. I finally get there and wow the showers are small. The water isn't even semi warm so not only did I freeze but when I completely dried off I reached for my clothes and with just my luck they drop into the water puddle below my feet. Great. Just great. Now what. I really hope there are no seniors int his hall because what I'm about to do is going to be risky.

As I sprint down the hall in nothing but the tiny towel, I run into something. A wall maybe? No it has arms. Oh god, please don't be....... Oh great a senior boy. Wait......... HARRY STYLES IS STANDING IN FRONT OF ME WHILE I WEAR NOTHING BUT A TOWEL!!! Someone help me. "Um, hey" he says as he smiles his cute dimple smile. "Um.... You're Harry Styles...... I'm.... I'm in a towel......... In front of Harry styles. Yeah..... I'm just gonna go." Wow. Great job Sammy. I finally make it to my dorm and then I realize, I left all my stuff in the middle of the hallway when I bumped into that really hot, senior wall. Of course. That was a cute shirt too! Am I seriously upset about a shirt when I just met Harry fricking Styles?

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