Have you ever felt lonely? (Of course, who hastn't?) Did you ever feel like this? (Cover credits to Herleen28)


1. Lonely

Being alone is her only fear, she can't be accepted, there or here

The only steps she'll take, aside from smiling fake

Are ones deeper into the abyss, without one to love, hold or kiss

She knows herself best, for nobody else near her rests

Whether 'tis her own fault or fault of another, she has not a friend, or sister or brother

The only way out of her misery is to face, the darkness again of the one-some race

Avoiding eye contact of the ones she's near, hoping to ward off unnecessary fear

Fear of the hardships of an extrovert's life, the hard times and misery and hopelessness and strife

She walks alone, with only herself, everyone else put up- old thoughts on a dusty shelf

Nowhere to go to escape the unhappy shape, for loneliness isn't something you can escape

Darkness, shrouded in blackness, life fathoms, blanketed in shadows, her life is an empty chasm

To her hollow mind lies her hardened might, lost sight of what real, losing sight of what's right

She is falling in a chamber of dark, where not even a bit of light can arc

The taciturn air is thin and cold, harder to breathe as it is to hold

But that's just the saddest plight, the one of someone who's lost sight

Of the love around one's soul. That's loneliness- the feeling of being alone in the cold

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