Mr. Sexy bad boy and me

He's your typical bad boy, he's sexy, he smokes, he fights, has the all the girls chasing after him, he uses them and leaves them like they are nothing.

Me, well I'm just me there's nothing special about me, I'm just your typical 'nerd'

Never in a million years would I thought that, I would meet the bad boy personally, and defiantly even become friends.


33. chapter 31: you can't go

~Cameron's pov~

"I signed up for a program before we got together" I paused taking a deep. "I got the call saying I got in, I don't think I can cancel at this point" I went on, looking in my lap.


"When do you leave??" She asked sadly.


"Tonight" I whispered quietly.


"What!?" She said panicked.


"I leave tonight, for a year" I said a bit louder.


"But we just got together and now your leaving" she said shocked, she just stared at the ceiling.


"I'm sorry" I whispered as I hugged her tightly against me.


"You should go pack, take me to the airport??" She said gently, pulling away from my hug.


"Okay, I'll come get you at like 7" I said reluctantly, kissing her and stumbling out of her window and making my to mine.


~Addie's pov~


The stupid prick, who gets with a girl then is all I'm leaving sorry.


"Addie!" I heard my brother call from outside the door.


"Come in" I called, trying to cover up the sound of me crying.


"Are you-" he started but cut himself off once he saw how broken I looked. "Hey hey hey, what's wrong" he said rushing to me and kneeling in front of me.


"He's leaving" I mumbled.


"Cameron??" He questioned.


"Yeah, we just got together too" I said, sniffling loudly.


"Oh Addie" he said gently, pulling me into a hug.


"He can't go, he's going to be gone for a year" I sighed, wiping my tears.


"When's he going??" He asked, sitting next to me.


"Tonight, he's picking me up at 7" I said laying down on my bed, with him following after me.


"Well it's 3, we got a couple hours to burn" he smiled at me.


"I guess we do" I shrugged.


"Let's do something" he smirked sitting up.


"Like.." I said cautiously.


"Something fun" he said excitedly.


"Is it illegal??" I asked seriously.


"Nope, at least trust me" he begged, with puppy dog eyes.


"Fine, lead the way" I sighed, standing up and looking for a pair of shoes.


"It's going to be fun!" He squealed, pulling me out of the house. "Get in" he said simply unlocking his car.


"Where are we going??" I asked as he quickly backed out of the driveway.


"Somewhere, I'm making a pit stop at the store" he said as he pulled up to toys are us. "Stay in here" he said excitedly.


"He's such an idiot" I sighed, watching people walk around the parking lot.


"I'm back" he sung, getting in and driving out of town.


"I'm really not trusting you on this" I said nervously.


"We're here" he said as we pulled up to a big field with tall grass and huge trees. "Okay, take this stuff" he said as he dug in his bag, pulling out a belt with a holder, little jelly pellets and a gun.


"Really??" I asked amused.


"Yup, we have 3 and a half hours so load up and let the games begin" he said, quickly running out of the car once he was done.

~3 hours later~

"I totally won" I said confidently as we sat in the car out of breath.


"Excuse me, I so won" he scoffed, as he drove back home.


"Think what you want" I said. "I won though" I whispered quietly.


"Oh shut up" he laughed.


"Thanks" I smiled towards him.


"What are you thanking me for??" He questioned with a confused face.


"You took me out for something fun, and not illegal" I said happily.


"Like fuck it was one time, anyone could have been mistaken by it as well" he whined loudly.


"Okay, I'll stop" I laughed.


"But no problem, it was nothing I really do like spending time with my baby sister" he joked.


"I'm like 5 minutes younger" I exclaimed, rolling my eyes.


"Five minutes, five years, what's the difference" he waved me off, as we walked up the driveway. "Cameron's walking this way, you got your keys??" He asked as he saw Cameron dragging his bags behind him.


"Yup, bye" I said giving him a hug and walking towards my car and cameron.


"Hey, we taking your car??" He asked awkwardly as he stood there.


"Yep, get in" I said popping the trunk.


There was an awkward silence that filled the car as we drove to the airport.


"May I??" He asked holding his hand out as we walked inside. I slowly slipped my hand into his and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I guess this is it" he said as we stood in front of the security doors.


"Yup" I sighed, trying not to cry.


"I'm going to miss you" he said quietly, as soon as he said that I broke and rushed into his arms.


"Me too" I said, crying a bit"


"Don't cry baby" he said sadly, hugging me tighter.


"I'm trying" I sniffled as he wiped away my tears.


"I promise, we will talk as much as possible" he said kissing me lightly.


"Are we going to stay together??" I asked frowning.


"I'll make that promise if you promise too" he said, looking to me for a sign.


"Yes" I nodded.


"And I promise I'll come back for you, not matter what" he said kissing me again.


"That's a lot of promises" I giggled a bit, smiling lightly.


"They are the promises I'll make for you any day, I'll even make more" he chuckled.


"That's cute" I said kissing him again, and pushing him towards security.


"Bye" he waved.


"Bye" I said blowing him a kiss.


I walked out of there thinking about our three promises, I guess we have to wait a year to find out. I smiled lightly, thinking about how much of a goof he is and how much I'm really going to miss him.






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