Mr. Sexy bad boy and me

He's your typical bad boy, he's sexy, he smokes, he fights, has the all the girls chasing after him, he uses them and leaves them like they are nothing.

Me, well I'm just me there's nothing special about me, I'm just your typical 'nerd'

Never in a million years would I thought that, I would meet the bad boy personally, and defiantly even become friends.


26. chapter 25: lazy day

I stretched awake and opened my eyes to come face to face with Cameron's sleeping face, a big smile came to my face thinking of the events that happened last night.

As I stared at him I thought of all the reasons I was really starting to like him for, he's like my protector, he makes me pissed of but I can't ever stay mad, he makes me smile even when I don't want to, he's always there for me, he's a huge bad boy who is the biggest softie for me, let's just say that's probably the beginning of the reasons.

"I can feel you staring" he said quietly, causing me to jump.

"Oh shit sorry I was just uh nothing" I said quickly while looking away.

"Just what??" He asked but sounded more like he was demanding an answer.

"You look cute when you sleep" I said quietly, fiddling with my hands in my lap.

"I'm too manly to look cute when I sleep!" He exclaimed sitting up and looking at me with wide eyes.

"Oh sorry mr. Sexy bad boy" I said covering my mouth after when I realized I called him sexy.

"You think I'm sexy??" He asked a bit surprised but covered it up with a smirk.

"No, I've heard girls call you that" I said shrugging with my face firetruck red.

"You so do" he said chuckling.

"Whatever, you're so difficult" I groaned laying back down, face first.

"Okay, now I'm difficult" he said trailing off. "What do you want to do today??" He asked forgetting what was said before.

"Uh I just want to sit around" I said muffled because my face was in the pillow.

"Okay how about we have a lazy day because it's like 2" he kinda asked me.

"Sure, how about you go home and shower because you stink, and I'll shower too then you will order and pay for food" I said smiling happily.

"Wow okay, window??" He asked getting out of my bed, while I just nodded.

"But come to the front door later" I said as I watched him make his way from one roof to the other, he waved to me as he slipped into his window.

Once he shut his window I let out a huge squeal before composing myself and calmly making my way to my bathroom. When I got out I wrapped a towel around my body and wiped my fogged up mirror with another one before wrapping it around my hair.

"Addie??" I heard my brother voice call from the other side as I walked out of my bathroom.

"What" I called back.

"Cameron's here and I heard the shower running so are you dressed or not??" He asked and I could tell he was leaning against the door.

"No I'm not, just hang out with him for a bit would you??" I asked awkwardly.

"Uh sure okay" he said walking away and going downstairs.

I quickly made my way to my closet and grabbing myself a matching set of blue lacy underwear, then standing in my closet trying to pick out what to wear. I soon picked out a pair of galaxy leggings and a baggy neon pink sweater, threw my hair into a quick messy bun and as soon as I opened my bedroom door I heard them yelling downstairs and I assumed they were watching some sport.

"Can I join you guys??" I asked as i stood in the door way, waiting for an answer.

"Yeah like your into football" Cameron said looking me up and down.

"Oh don't under estimate the look bro" Jack said turning to him quickly with a look. "Yeah sure sis" he said smiling sweetly at me.

"Cool" I said plopping between him and Cameron.

"Try to keep up princess" Cameron joked while nudging me.

"Yeah right, more like I'll be dragging you behind" I scoffed before I cheered as our team made a touchdown.

"How about you two shut up and yell at the tv with me" Jack said but paused to yell at a player doing something stupid.

"Gladly" I said glaring at Cameron, and watching the game intensely.

"I can't believe we lost like that" Cameron said to me as we walked up to my room after the game.

"I know! We were ahead the whole game and then bam it all went down the fucking hill!" I complained just pissed off with the loss. "Movie or games??" I smiled as I turned on the tv

"Both, we have all night" he exaggerated.

"Well okay, games first then" I said turning on the system and throwing him a white controller that light up blue and I grabbed myself a teal controller. "Okay we're gonna play a racing game because I like it" I said putting in the disc and siting on the bed next to him.

"It's cool, I'm going to beat you anyways" he said jokingly.

"Yeah right, you suck at driving" I laughed setting up the game.

"I'm actually the best if you don't recall" he scoffed revving his engine at the starting line.

"You going down!" I yelled as I sped off after seeing the big green letters that read go.

"I'm so winning" he said concentrated on the screen, on our last lap.

"Yeah right!" I exclaimed passing him and crossing the finish line. "Oh yeah bitches!" I cheered throwing my controller and dancing.

"Yeah you won, get over it" he rolled his eyes causing me to stop in my tracks.

"Okay, I'm sorry" I said quietly and sitting back down. "Do you just want to watch a movie" I said sadly.

"Yeah sure, you pick then it pick" he said waiting for me to get up and pick one.

"This one??" I said holing up the lucky one.

"Fine" he managed out after a bunch of groaning.

"Yay!" I cheered putting it in and grabbing snacks from my stash as the previews came on. "This movie is so sad" I wailed loudly, covered in tears and tissues.

"I don't see why it's so sad" he said confused while shoving his face with candy.

"How! Their is so many obstacles for then to be together, they are so prefect" I explained loudly.

"Okay, boy was I wrong this is so sad" he said sarcastically, slumping further down.

By the end of the movie I was just a complete and utter mess, I had tears all over my face, clothes, and Cameron some how.

"Sorry I'm such a mess, go pick a movie while I go to the bathroom and change" I said rushing to my closet and grabbing my zebra onsie then washing up in the bathroom. "What are we watching??" I asked as I laid down in his lap.

"It's a surprise, it's kinda scary though" he said with a bit of a smirk.

"Okay" I trailed off as I saw the words let me in pop on to the screen.

"It's okay, I got you" cameron said rubbing my back.

Before I knew it I was curled up in his lap with my head resting on his chest. "Sorry if I fall I asleep" I yawned loudly while nuzzling into him.

"I wouldn't mind" he said kissing me on the head and squeezing me lightly.

I struggled to keep my eyes open as my eyelids got heavier by the second, and just before I slipped into darkness I heard Cameron say something that I could barely hear.

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