Mr. Sexy bad boy and me

He's your typical bad boy, he's sexy, he smokes, he fights, has the all the girls chasing after him, he uses them and leaves them like they are nothing.

Me, well I'm just me there's nothing special about me, I'm just your typical 'nerd'

Never in a million years would I thought that, I would meet the bad boy personally, and defiantly even become friends.


25. chapter 24: fighting

~Cameron's pov~

When I got home I quickly walked up to my room, changing into some loose comfy clothes.

"Cameron, where are you going??" Willow and Wesley asked as they saw me walking out of my room.

"I just have some things to do" I shrugged jogging down the stairs.

"Moms wondering about you" Wesley called after me as he walked down the stairs.

"Well I don't see her now, so I wasn't back here right??" I asked, pointing to both of them.

"Right" they both said at the same time running upstairs.

"So your either going to the gym or fighting again, which is it??" My sister asked causing me to jump.

"Since when are you so interested in my life??" I said as I rolled my eyes turning to her.

"Since always" she said in a duh tone.

"Well this doesn't concern you" I said as I opened the door.

"Be careful, I don't want you to come home super fucked up again" she said sadly, standing in the doorway.

"I'll be fine, I even won that fight" I said giving her a hug and rushing out the door.

As soon as I parked I made my way to the usual back alley, the one I haven't been to in a long ass time. I slowly walked down the back alley, the familiar smell of blood, sweat and alcohol hit me.

"Hey look it's Cameron!" A couple people called, they formed a circle quickly, leaving a space for me to walk though.

"Well, look who it is" nick said as soon as I made it in the middle of the circle.

"Yeah, hey" I said nonchalantly.

"You're calm today, ready to get your ass kicked??" He said confidently.

"If I recall right, I've never been beaten and I've fucked you up every time we fought" I chuckled.

"Ok, how about we fight now and we'll see who's as gets kicked" he said shoving me.

"Wow you little bitch, where did the rules go??" I questioned angrily punching him in the face, beginning the fight.

I was seeing red and everything was being drowned out by the cheers. You could hear many of them cheering for me, meaning they probably bet on me. The cheers and my anger caused me to fight harder and harder. I had nick pinned down to the cold cement as I punched him in the face repeatedly, since her never tapped out I went till his body went limp.

"Look who's ass got beat, once again" I whispered in his ear as I got off of him, brushing myself off.

"Good job Cameron" the boys said catching up to me as I started walking out of the alley.

"Yeah" I said quietly.

"Cameron!" Someone yelled running up to us.

"What" I said a bit angry.

"You forgot your winning money" the man said scared, shakily handing me a small wad of money.

"Thanks" I said feeling bad for snapping at the guy.

"So what are you going to do now??" Dylan asked patting me on the back.

"Im going home, have kind of plans" I shrugged unlocking my car doors.

"Oh okay, bye" they waved walking away. I pulled out my phone to text Addie to see if we were still going to talk.

To cutie:

Hey, are we still going to talk today??

From cutie:

Yeah sure, just come through my window... I don't want to wake anyone.

To cutie:

Well okay, I'll be there soon

Once I got to her house I climb up the tree by her window, then jumped on to the roof and crawled into her window.

"Hey" she said as she was sitting at her desk with her back facing me.

"Hey" I saw laying down onto her bed and closing my eyes.

"Oh my fucking god!" She said loudly.

"What??" I called falling off the bed with a jolt.

"What happened to your face!" She exclaimed.

"Oh uh, nothing it's fine" I said calmly laying back on her bed.

"And your knuckles" she went on coming closer to me. "Let me bandage you up" she said running out of the room and coming back with a big red first aid kit.

"You don't have to do this, I'm a big kid" I chuckled as she stared opening up the first aid kit.

"I want to, sit up" she said grabbing a bottle of something and some wipes. "This will sting a bit" she said quietly as she got closer to my face.

"Ow!" I yelled as she started wiping my face and knuckles.

"Oh come on" she giggled. "Okay, this spray may sting more or less, I don't know" she shrugged spraying me with it.

"This one doesn't really sting" I trailed off quietly.

"Okay good, now let's bandage you up" she said grabbing a bunch of band-aids and sticking them on me.

"I don't think I need this many band-aids" I chuckled keeping still.

"Well you do, what happened to you" she asked putting away the kit.

"Oh nothing, doesn't matter" I waved her off laying down once again.

"Okay, I won't prod" she said crawling in beside me. "So you wanted to talk??" She asked looking up at me.

"Aren't we talking now??" I questioned smartly.

"Well I guess we are" she giggled. "I'm tired" she yawned snuggling into my side, before I knew it we were both sleeping and I was one happy guy.

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