Mr. Sexy bad boy and me

He's your typical bad boy, he's sexy, he smokes, he fights, has the all the girls chasing after him, he uses them and leaves them like they are nothing.

Me, well I'm just me there's nothing special about me, I'm just your typical 'nerd'

Never in a million years would I thought that, I would meet the bad boy personally, and defiantly even become friends.


15. chapter 16: camping trip: hurt

When I woke up this morning I turned to see a shirtless Cameron, oh jeez I think I drooled a bit but his chest was just so nice, why didn't I notice that yesterday?? Oh wait I was too busy being mad at him.

"Addie hurry up for gods sakes" Cameron yelled bagging on the door, bringing me back to reality.

"I will take my damn time, go away" I yelled back washing my hair.

"You're a bitch" he said just loud enough for me to hear.

"Excuse me! Do u want to say that shit to my face" I yelled pissed off as to he called me a bitch with a non-joking tone.

"I would but your behind a locked door" he said tauntingly.

"When I get out, I will kick your sorry ass" I shouted showering quickly and wrapping a towel around me to go get dressed, I grabbed my baby blue sundress and my bra and panties, then rushed back into the bathroom to get dressed and do my hair.

"Oh your done know??" He said in a sarcastic tone, as I walked out with a fowl look on my face.

"What's your problem like actually, you have been in a bad mood since u first stepped foot in this room, then you come call me a bitch" I said so mad I was turning bright red.

"There is no problem, you were just simply being a bitch" he said shrugging and texting on his phone.

"Wow okay, thanks asshole" I said storming out of the room with tears falling slowly from my face, I quickly made my way to jacks room and began to knock.

"Hey add-" he started but cut himself off. "What happened, why are u crying" he panicked bring me into his room and sitting me down on his lap, he began to rub my back and rock a bit. This has always calmed me down, I'm actually surprised he remembers.

"Me and Cameron got in a fight, he called me a bitch and acted like it was nothing! I thought we were friends" I explained quickly with a dry voice.

"Addie, friends get in fights all the time, don't let one fight get you down, how many fights have you and rosa gotten into??" He asked knowing the answer.

"Lots, but this one felt different" I mumbled into his neck.

"Addie I'm sure everything is fine and he'll totally apologize, just wait it out" he said wiping the leftover tear stains on my face.

"Are my eyes red??" I asked looking at him.

"Yes, extremely" he said trying not to laugh.

"Oh shut up monkey boy!" I exclaimed as I got up and walked out the door.

Since I've decided to ignore and avoid Cameron till he hit his breaking point, I went to the main house to get some breakfast and hang out with the younger kids, which i would say was really fun.

I was startled when my phone went off signalling a text message.

From: cammy

Cutie, where are you?? We need to talk...

After I read his message I just slipped it back into my pocket ignoring him, and since we had iPhones he knows I read it. I kind of feel bad for putting him through this but I know it's worth it in the end, well I hope so at least.

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