Mr. Sexy bad boy and me

He's your typical bad boy, he's sexy, he smokes, he fights, has the all the girls chasing after him, he uses them and leaves them like they are nothing.

Me, well I'm just me there's nothing special about me, I'm just your typical 'nerd'

Never in a million years would I thought that, I would meet the bad boy personally, and defiantly even become friends.


36. chapter 12: camping trip!

"Kids, are you done packing??" My dad yelled up the stairs, getting a chorus of no's.

Right now we are all packing for the camping trip and everyone's gonna meet at our house the car arrangements and shit are going to happen. My bedroom door burst open to reveal Daniel and Kayden.

"Hay gurl!" Daniel exclaimed, jumping into my arms, well attempted too... He ended up on the floor.

"Oops??" I said trying to cover my laughs.

"Oops is right bitch, I think I bruised my ass!" He yelled getting up from the floor and rubbing his ass with a sad face.

"Daniel, your a drama queen, are u gay??" Kayden questioned shocked.

"Yes I'm a gaywad totally" Daniel said sarcastically.

"I knew it!" Kayden yelled.

"Knew what??" Dylan questioned as he strolled into my room.

"Daniels a gaywad" he said flopping on to my bed.

"Damn, it all makes sense" Dylan chuckles and pats Daniel on the back.

"I'm not gay guys, I was being sarcastic" Daniel says slumping.

"K guys, I'm not done packing or dressed, do you mind being quieter??" I paused "thanks" I said not waiting for a single reply.

"Why do girls take so long??" Dylan questioned.

"Why don't you shut up" I said looking at him blankly, then continuing to pack.

"Your moms going crazy" rosa said walking into my room.

"That happened a long time ago" I muttered. After I had finished packing I changed into a pair of white high waisted shorts and a turquoise crop top with white converse.

"Kids, everyone is here" my dad called up the stairs. I grabbed my bag and followed everyone downstairs and sat down on the couch.

"Okay car arrangements" my mom said. In the end there was my parents and Nikki with bags and supplies. Jack and his friends in his car. the twins and Dylan in Daniels car. Me, rosa and Cameron in my car and the Anderson family in their car.

"Okay let's get out on the road everyone drive safe and follow someone if you don't know where you're going" my dad said after everything was packed up in their car.

"Shot gun" Cameron shouted as we walked into the garage to get in my car.

"That's unfair!" Rosa exclaimed slumping in the backseat, as I hooked up my phone and started blasting my music and quickly backing out of the driveway and into the road.

"Are we there yet??" Rosa groaned from the backseat.

"Not yet shut up" I said blankly, turning up the music and speeding up a bit. After another hour or so we finally made it to our cabin.

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