Mr. Sexy bad boy and me

He's your typical bad boy, he's sexy, he smokes, he fights, has the all the girls chasing after him, he uses them and leaves them like they are nothing.

Me, well I'm just me there's nothing special about me, I'm just your typical 'nerd'

Never in a million years would I thought that, I would meet the bad boy personally, and defiantly even become friends.


10. chapter 10: going natural

"GOOD MORNING FAM JAM!" My mom yelled from down the stairs.

"NO, GO AWAY!" I heard jack yell from his room.

"Addie!" I heard faintly and tapping on the window. I groaned and rolled over thinking I was imaging things.

"Wake up woman" I heard the voice yelling

"What the fuck do you want" I yelled springing up and facing the window.

"Open it duh" he yelled making gestures. I slowly made my way out of bed and struggled to open the window.

"How can I help you?" I asked rudely

"Well isn't someone grumpy" he muttered climbing into my room and plopping down on my bed, and patting beside him.

"K really you woke me up, what do you want" I said through gritted teeth while sitting down.

"Oh well I heard your mom yelling, thought I would check it out" he said passively. "Wanna watch a movie??" He asked after a bit of silence

"Um well sure, wanna invite the others??" I asked standing up, grabbing 'new years eve' and putting it in.

"Nah, I'm sure they won't be up" he said a bit nervously.

"Okay then" I said jumping on the bed and putting my head in his lap.

"Hey, how come you have red roots??" He asked randomly while playing with my hair.

"Um probably the weather" I said freaking out, I don't like people knowing about my bright red hair much.

"Bullshit, spill it" he said looking me seriously in the eyes.

"Okay okay god, my hair is actually red" I said looking down at my lap and playing with my hands.

"Woah! That's soo cool" he said touching it excessively.

"uh no it's not" I said swatting his hands away

"Gasp, why not??" he asked

"People made fun of me" I said quietly

"Who??" He asked

"No one" I said quickly

"Who??" He asked a bit louder

"Nobody!" I exclaimed

"WHO DID IT!" He yelled causing me to whimper. "No no cutie, please don't, I'm sorry, I just.... I'm protective of you I guess" he said hugging me tight.

"Britney and her friends" I whispered

"Cutie, they won't bother you anymore, you got me and the boys, we're your protectors" he whispered in my ear lowly.

"I guess" I said mostly to myself

"So whatda say going natural??" He asked with the biggest smile on his face.

"Going natural!" I stated nodding my head.

"So um are we going to a salon or a home shit??" He said nervously

"Salon, I don't trust u with my hair" I said walking to my dresser and getting a bra and matching panties out and walking into my bathroom.

"Good cuz I don't trust myself either, haha" he said just as I shut the door.

After I was done my shower and put my bra and panties on I wrapped a towel tightly around me and walked out trying to ignore Cameron's eyes watching me closely, I picked out a white lace dress with a red belt and my white hightop converse. I walked to my vanity and just threw my hair in a pony and did some light quick makeup.

"Ready" I said standing up and grabbing my purse.

"Okay sweet, I'll drive" he said getting up and starting to walk to the window.

"Um hell no, I'm in a dress no window shit for me" I said sassily and walked out my bedroom door saying bye on the way out. "LEGGO!" I yelled trying to get in his car while it was locked causing the alarm to go off.

"ADDIE!" He yelled frantically over the sound.

"I'm so sorry" I said panicking as he turned it off.

"Goodness woman, get in" he muttered.

"I said I was sorry" I exasperated after he stopped talking I me

"We're here" he said as we pulled up to the mall

"Cammy, I refuse to get out till u talk to me, like a normal person!" I said loudly.

"What do u want me to say god, it was nothing" he said looking out the window.

"Then why are you mad dummy??" I asked

"I snapped at you again, I'm so sorry cutie" I said with his face in his hands.

"Oh my well that's nothing, I'm over that haha" I said getting out and skipping into the mall and into the salon.

"Hello, how may I help you??" A small woman said coming from behind the counter.

"I want to get my hair dyed" I said softly.

"Oh! Come, come!" She said guiding me to a chair. "What colour??" She said excitedly.

"We're going natural" I said smiling.

"Ooo you will look amazing!!" She squealed. "All done" she said about an hour later, she turned me around to face the mirror and I barely knew the person I saw looking back at me.

"Omg thank you!!" I squealed getting up and hugging her.

"Holy shit, you look amazing" Cameron said with his mouth hanging open.

"Close your mouth, you'll catch flies" I said going to pay for my hair.

"No no, I'm paying" he said rushing up to the counter.

"Thank you cammy, your absolutely the best" I said hugging him as we got out the store and started walking to the food court.

"You really do look good natural" he said looking ahead

~~~~~~Cameron's pov~~~~~~~~

Oh my god, she looks so beautiful, I really like this girl and I'm going to get her, and I will treat her like my princess, there is something about her that makes me just want her.

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