Amy is an average girl in an average high school who crosses paths with an extraordinary boy, and another boy who is just less than ordinary. Will one of them win her heart, or will she be left alone? Follow Any as she makes a fool of herself and learns to love her flaws.


11. Kisses

I don't know why I was so surprised that Blake was sitting in the kitchen. He was sitting on a stool at the island, and was leaning over his laptop, typing fiercely. When I opened the cupboard to get a glass I must have made noise because Blake finally noticed I was there and looked up from his computer. 

I'm not very tall and there were no more glasses on the first shelf, so I stood on my toes and stretched as tall as I could to try and get one from the second shelf. I struggled for a couple minutes then heard a chuckle from Blake. 

"Hey!" I yelled, turning around to start to lecture/yell at him about making fun of might height. I stopped when I turned because to my surprise he had moved and was now standing right behind me, leaning on the edge of the island. I gasped in shock. "You scared me!" I exclaimed. "What are you a ninja or something? How did I not notice you come over here?"

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not." He laughed back, taking a couple steps towards me. "Need some help?" 

Without waiting for an answer, Blake reaches into the cupboard. He's quite a bit taller than me, but he still has to stretch a little. When he lifts his arm, the bottom hem of his shirt lifts a little too, revealing a small part of his tanned abs. I couldn't help but blush. He reached out to me, a glass full of water was between us. He stopped and looked straight into my eyes, I felt my heart leap into my throat, and the familiar butterflies had returned. With his hand that wasn't holding the water Blake used three fingers to lift my face to his, he bent down and his lips were on mine.

The kiss was nice. I felt a warmth spread throughout my entire body and the little audience that I didn't know was in my head made a chorus of 'awwww's. He pulled away quickly, and when he did his face was bright red.

"I'm so sorry!" He turned his head to the side, avoiding my eye contact and started to mutter about how sorry he was. This time it was my turn. I reached up and cupped his face between both my hands.

"Don't be." I whispered before crashing my lips to his. This time I pulled away first, and he still looked shocked when I did. I picked up my glass of water and flashed his a smile before heading back upstairs. He smiled back.

Where did all that courage come from? I thought to myself, proud that I'd kissed him.

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