Amy is an average girl in an average high school who crosses paths with an extraordinary boy, and another boy who is just less than ordinary. Will one of them win her heart, or will she be left alone? Follow Any as she makes a fool of herself and learns to love her flaws.


13. Butterflies and laughter

My eyes started to sting and I didn't know what to do.

"Is something wrong?" Michael asked. 

"I'm sorry." I whispered before running out of the room. I tripped a couple of times on my way out. I completely ignored my books. When I reached the bottom of the stairs Blake was standing there. one of his hands was on the railing and he had so far only climbed a couple steps. 

"Amy?" his voice was sweet. He put a hand on my shoulder and I found myself stopping. I looked up, into his eyes, then in one movement moved into him. My arms snaked around his waist and I buried my face in his chest. He smelt good, the faint smell of cologne lingered on the collar of his shirt. 

It took Blake a moment before realizing what had happened. He wrapped his strong arms around me. Everywhere that my body touched his started to tingle, the feeling spread until my whole body was tingling. He didn't say anything, he just held me there, protecting me from the world and my thoughts. I liked it. The butterflies in my stomach we're stronger than ever, but it was comforting. I had gotten used to feeling this way around Blake. 

His head had been resting on mine but he lifted it for a moment. Wondering why, I looked up at him, my expression questioning his actions. We looked into each others eyes. His lips curled into a beautiful smile, a dimple was visible on the left side of his face, and then he kissed my forehead. It was gentle, and comforting.

After a few more minutes I pulled away from him. "I have to leave." I whispered. "Can you bring my books and stuff to school tomorrow, I left them in your brothers room."

"Of course, anything for you." He assured me with a smile. "Can I drive you home?" Blake added.

I raised my eyebrows at him. "What are you talking about? You can't drive yet."

"I know where Michael keeps his keys, and I've had lots of practice. Plus, you can't walk home from here, especially by yourself and in this state. I won't let you."

"Maybe I have to just stay the night." I laughed in response.

"That's a great idea, but we don't have any extra beds, you'll have to sleep in with me." Blake joked. He winked at me then lifted one eyebrow, challenging me to respond. All I did was burst out laughing, and as soon as I did, so did he. We laughed for many minutes, until we couldn't laugh anymore. We had doubled over, our stomachs screaming in pain, but the good kind of pain. It felt good to joke around with him, even though I knew I was blushing the ENTIRE time, because he was blushing too. 

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