Amy is an average girl in an average high school who crosses paths with an extraordinary boy, and another boy who is just less than ordinary. Will one of them win her heart, or will she be left alone? Follow Any as she makes a fool of herself and learns to love her flaws.


3. Band practice

I'd been tutoring Michael for almost 2 weeks and we had been having so much fun, we got along great!

Michael's writing skills had improved dramatically and every time he brought an assignment to our lessons he seemed so proud. It was even kind of cute.

He was also giving me attention outside of our lessons, stopping m in the halls, saying hi and hugging me every time we walked passed each other. 

One day, he had even spent lunch with my friend Shannon and I, and introduced us to his friend Marc.

Michael would help me out to, give me advice with the teachers, and school, and people, he'd help me with what I needed to know for my classes too.

Jake and i had the house to ourselves for a few days, our parents were going to visit one of our cousins for their wedding, but we had school. They left the Thursday, and that same day Jake brought his band over for practice.

Even though I knew he was in a band, I'd never met them or seen him play before, they'd never practiced at our house before. 

I got home around an hour before them, and when they got there I knew immediately, they were so loud, banging their instruments on things as they walked past, making jokes and all yelling over each other. I heard them all put their instruments and gear in the hall, probably right next to the stairs to the basement.

I was sitting in the kitchen and they came to join me. There were probably 6 or 7 of them, each looked familiar in some way. I tried to focus completely on my studying and my bowl of grapes.

One of the boys cracked a joke, all of them responded with laughter, but one laugh truly stuck out, a very familiar laugh...

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