Amy is an average girl in an average high school who crosses paths with an extraordinary boy, and another boy who is just less than ordinary. Will one of them win her heart, or will she be left alone? Follow Any as she makes a fool of herself and learns to love her flaws.


10. Back to the white house

"Where are you off to?" Blake asked me.

"Oh, I'm meeting with your brother actually, we're going to your house." I told him awkwardly. "Are you coming too?"

"Yeah I am, may I walk you there miss."  He said, offering me his arm. I pushed my arm through his and we started walking towards the door of the school. 

When we got to the parking lot Michael was leaning against his car, waiting for us. When he saw us, he looked us up and down then crossed his arms over his chest and looked hurt. That's when I realized that I still had my arm through Blake's and I quickly pulled away from him, feeling guilty. Michael opened the passenger side door for me, and then hopped into the driver's seat and we were on our way.

Half way through the drive a fiery sensation started in my thigh, slowly spreading to the rest of my body. I looked down to see the Michael's hand was resting on my thigh. My heart skipped a beat.

The drive was over way to soon and before I knew it I was laying on my stomach on the floor of Michael's bedroom. He was sitting beside me, cross-legged, and sprawled out on the floor all around us was our books and papers, and Michael's laptop.

"I'll be right back, I'm just gonna go grab a glass of water. Finish writing your essay's conclusion while I'm gone." I told him after about an hour. Michael was so focused that all he did in response was nod.

I yawned and pulled myself off the floor. My neck and back were sore from the position I had been lying in, so I stretched for a second before opening his bedroom door and walking down the stairs, into the large kitchen. 

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