Simon's Adopted Daughter


2. Chapter Two: Newest Cowell

Claire's point of view:

I was sleeping when Mrs.Holly comes and tells me to wake up and that some adopters were coming today. I knew I wasn't getting adopted but just to make her happy I went to the shower

Simon 's point of view:

I decided to adopted a girl around the boys age so they can at least talk with somebody their age and understanding what life as a not so normal teenage is. So here I was standing outside sunshine orphanage so I entered and some girls knew who I was and then came a lady about in her mid-forties coming my way to tell me (convo. between Mrs.Holly and Simon)

H-how may I help you today?

S-umm yes can I look at the girls between age 17-18 please

H-of course Claire, Kaitlin, Sophia, Sky-Lea, and Stephanie please come down to the main office thank you

And with that all five girls were down in the main office

H- Mr.Cowell will be adopting today so he will be doing some interviews

So after that I noticed Claire was sorta different than the other girls so I decided to interview her last is I started with Kaitlin she acted to mature, Sky-Lea was very sassy, Sophia was actually very timid, and then Stephanie couldn't stop touching her hair so I finally reached Claire and I started asking her basic questions

Claire's point of view:

Once I heard my name being called to the main office I sorta got in a trance so I'm guessing simon noticed since he started with someone else and finally reached me he started with basic stuff like

S-fav. color?


S-fav. animal


S-fav. band

C-I have to say 1D or 5SOS

I guess Simon found that funny because he started laughing and then I realized that he made One Direction real and I just told him I'm a fan but I decided since I only pay attention to their music instead of their body shape or how attractive they are so I said

C-but if I ran into them out somewhere I would never guess who and who and can I add that I'm a youtuber so I have heard of this so called one direction

And I guess that left him stunned cause he said be right back and I wanted for him than he came back with Mrs. Holly with him and then Mrs.Holly said Claire go pack your bags cause you just got adopted and the first thing that goes through my mind is that know I am officially a Cowell.

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