Left in the Dust

18- year old Angela Wilson is left in the dust. She made a terrible mistake which ended up with her on the side of the road practically begging for something to eat or drink. This is her story, from a young homeless woman's point of view.


2. Me.

Hi. My name is Angela Wilson, but back in summertime people called me ‘Dirty G’, and I don’t even know how I got that nickname. During the summertime, I messed around a lot, and did a lot of drinking and partying. That lead to skinny dipping and stripping, and I became pregnant. When my parents found out, they freaked out. I got kicked out of the house for my 18th birthday present. Now, here I am, sitting on the side of the road. You may ask, “Where are your other family members?” Well, my life is kind of sort of pretty much fucked up. My 27 year old brother is in prison for sexual assault. My 40 and 43 year old parents are living alone in their small apartment. My 16 year old sister is pretty much being like how I was during the summer of ’13, except 24/7. And me, well, you already know how my life is. 


A/N: Sorry!! I know these are short chaps but I don't know what else to put! I mean later on there might be some interesting parts, so they will be much longer, but for now, there are going to be short chapters (: That's it.

Much love, 

Polly xx

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