In Shadows

Helena Rhiannon Prince is just about fed up with city life. The constant cars outside her window at night, the blur of traffic everywhere she goes. For Helena, big cities really don't mean big dreams; but for her father, Roland Prince, the city is the only place he can bare to live. Since the death of Helena's mother, he's needed the constant whirring of other people around him to keep him sane - yet he's driving his daughter insane keeping her there. How can she survive in a school where the girls taunt her and the boys laugh? What will happen when she finally listens to the voice in her head telling her to run?


1. Not A Chapter But An Introduction To This And That And That Hat (There Is No Hat)


The Anthem to this song is a song called Adiemus (link at the bottom) - it's a song I've grown up with and as a Pagan person, I really connect with it and with this story.  I am trying to put as much of myself and my beliefs into this because whenever people hear that I'm Pagan they have a really bad reaction and don't really know how to cope with it.  This story is really me trying to extend to you how I see the world, and how beautiful it is.  Please do not take this as me trying to convert you, this is not a religious story, though I have instilled certain beliefs and ideas.  If you don’t like it, feel free to let me know – I am all ears.  But my story may come in fragments, and it won’t be until later that I can truly write some of what I want to.  The Earth is too beautiful for me to ever hope to describe, so don’t take what I say as a literal translation.  Most of it is up to interpretation, and I really encourage everyone who reads this to take a moment and ask themselves if they've ever taken a moment in their lives to sit down outside and really feel the Earth.  She's where we live, and where our children will live, and we can only hope that She is able to keep protecting and helping them as She has helped us.  I don't mean to tell you to take all your clothes off and and lie down in the forest, but maybe even just lying down in the grass and taking a second out of your day to try to align yourself with the Energy that gives you the ability to breathe.  You may find a really magical experience if you open yourself up to it.  There's a reason it was the first religion documented in Ancient Babylon.  They didn't understand it back then, they were just trying to understand why their valley flooded every spring - and somehow found something even greater.  Enough of this shpeel, I'm actually a pretty fun person.  I just get chills sometimes and it makes me feel so happy.

I may add little snippets of myself while I write either at the top or at the bottom just to give updates, but it won’t be silly stuff like “I ate a burrito today”, it would be more like me telling you my dreams because I have very vivid and visually stunning dreams.  I am very proud of them so there may be a few dreams I want to tell you.  Like the one where I lived on a roof in an old decrepit ferris wheel and spun it at night with my power to Airbend.  I also watch Avatar the Last Airbender if that confused anybody.  haha.  Amost 19 Years old and still doing that thing where I talk too much.  If anybody wants to, I'm really knowledgeable on tons of stuff (I like ancient history - it's a real hoot) so if anybody wants to comment on a topic they want to learn about, i'll sub out a chapter and put in a brief history of that.  I'm good at most religions, early human life as Homo Sapien Sapien, Greek art, Roman civilizations, the TUdor monarchy, Mary Queen of Scots, a lot of random stuff.  And i like talking about it sooo yeah let me know <3


If you want to listen to the song, I’ll put the link in at the bottom of this.  The song was written by Karl Jenkins in an attempt to create meaning out of shared knowledge and experience.  He wrote this song in a language that doesn’t exist and tried to convey a story through emotion and I think he succeeded beyond his expectations.  The first half of this song is enough to bring me to tears.  (really recommend the song)


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