Some Random Stuff I Come Up With

This has random stuff I come up with. I will just write what ever comes to mind. Hope you guys like it!


1. Reunion

Pyper's Pov

As soon as me and Mackenzie walked into our High School reunion. We walked in with our husbands, their friends and their girlfriends.

"What? Didn't think I would get married" I asked as I clung onto my husbands arm.

My ex-boyfriend walks up to me and Mackenzie. He looked at us weirdly.

"What do you want Blake?" I asked Blake mine and Mackenzie's ex.

"Who are these screw overs?" he asked.

"Excuse me?! These screw overs are our husbands!" I said getting angry.

"Bitch! Don't talk to me that way!" Blake yelled at me.

"HEY! Don't talk to my wife that way!" Niall yelled to protect me.

Niall punched Blake in the face. We all walked out of the school and started walking to our house we all shared.

"Well that sucks! I cant brag about my twins!" Mackenzie pouted.

Harry chuckled and put his arms around Mackenzie.

"Our twins!" Harry said.

"Well I got some news for everyone!" I started "I'm Pregnant!"

Everyone looked shocked even Niall, but I never told him either. But when Niall regained his composure. Me, Perrie, and Mackenzie where jumping up and down and squealing.

"Haha, Looks like Niall didn't even know!" Louis laughed.

"I didn't! But I'm happy!" Niall said as he picked me up in a hug and gave me a passionate kiss.

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