Dark but Light.

As I watched over my sholder having the feeling of being watched I heard a noise scaring me more.Sunddenly there was a hand on my mouth and waist! I muffled out a sream, terriefied. So many thoughts were going through my head like, whats going on, is he going to kill me, is he goingt to use me as a slave. And the worst of all...



                                                               Karlee's P.O.V

" I want you to be mine." he said making it sound simple, but it's the oppisit of that. I just stood there shocked. I meen dont kidnapers usaully have like weird back storys of why they kidnaped you and stuff?? He stared at me like he wanted me to replie. What can say."I-e-w-what." I finelly spit out. "I want you to love me like I love you. Karlee I want you to be mine." He stated it again. "But-" "No buts Karlee I know your shocked so lets talk later." He wispered while grabbing my hand. I pulled it away as instinked but soon regretted it becouse he grabbed my hand again and held it tight. "Were are we going I wispered scared of the answer. "London." He said happily. Ive always wanted to go to London but not this way! How am I going to get out of this shit.

This guy is crazy and i'm for sure of it.

                                                            Harry P.O.V

Why did she find it hard to believe that I wanted her to be mine! Sighing I got up. " Stay here. I need to go to the bathroom." I said sternly.

                                                          Karlee's P.O.V

He's leaving me alone!! This is my chance! I quickly got only to find a sleeping guy. And he helped Harry so I need to find a hiding spot. I climbed into those things were you put your luggage and put the luggade under a seat. Sighing I climbed in and waited. About five min. went bye. Hearing a door open my breath hitched. I heard him gasp,wake the Louis guy and ask were I was. "I dont know I was asleep!" Louis said. " Karlee i'm giving you 10 secends to get out here and if you dont" He paused and said sternly " you'll get punished." "1" shit what do I do?! "2" He's gonna find me anyways right! "3" Maby he'll still punish me anyways since I didnt listin to him. "4" But its gonna be a worst punishment. "5" He said sounding like he's put up with it. I sighed getting out and walking to the asswhole himself. "Don't do that again. You don't want to see my dark side!"



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