Dark but Light.

As I watched over my sholder having the feeling of being watched I heard a noise scaring me more.Sunddenly there was a hand on my mouth and waist! I muffled out a sream, terriefied. So many thoughts were going through my head like, whats going on, is he going to kill me, is he goingt to use me as a slave. And the worst of all...



Karlee's P.O.V

I regretted waking up. Because I have to go somewhere with Harry. Sighing I got out of bed. Is soon as I was up Harry was in the room. I put my hand over my heart. because he scared me. "Jeez." I muttered. "Get dressed it's time to go." He said over excited. I got up and made him leave before putting on skinny jeans and a shirt with "I <3 candy " on it. My shoes were boots. Pink, pink boots.

The farther down I walked the more and more I wish I was at home. So physically I had a dull face. "What's wrong." Harry annoyingly asked. "Nothing." I muttered. "Rule number 5 don't lie to me." I rolled my eyes, only to get smacked on the arm. " Don't roll your eyes at me!" He hollered sharply. Sighing I just nodded. " So what's actually wrong." He frowned. "I'm really tired." That was being honest I am tired, it's just I want to go home.

" Do you want to lay down and go later? " He asked. "No." I faked a smile. Honestly I just wanted to get this over with. " When do I get to go home?" I asked for the millionth time. Earning a smack on the SAME arm. "Ow." I quietly whispered. " How many times!" He paused. I looked at him confused. " Are you going to ask!? I have the same answer every time this.is.your.new.home! he paused between every word. One single tear slipped out. His hand came! He's going to slap me! When his hand fell on my cheek I flinched. But he just wiped away the tear and caressed my cheek. He had hurt in his eyes, because I thought that he was going to slap me. "I will never hurt you. I promise." He whispered gently

Harry's P.O.V

I was horrified when I saw her flinch! She thought I was going to slap her , because she cried!

NEVER ever will I hurt her beautiful face. "Come on let's go watch the movie." Were going to see the conjuring. I know she loves scary movies. And she might cuddle me if she gets scared. Through the whole movie I stared at her. She didn't notice in tell I put my arm around her. She started shifting in her seat uncomfortable. " Do I make you uncomfortable?" I asked even though I already new the answer. "Yes!" ....  

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