Dark but Light.

As I watched over my sholder having the feeling of being watched I heard a noise scaring me more.Sunddenly there was a hand on my mouth and waist! I muffled out a sream, terriefied. So many thoughts were going through my head like, whats going on, is he going to kill me, is he goingt to use me as a slave. And the worst of all...



                                 HARRY P.O.V

Why is she crying? I made this chicken for her and only her! "Why are you crying?" I questioned worriedly. "May I be excused?" She ignored my question. "Not intell you tell me whats wrong." I said calmly. " I'm just tired." She lied. "Come on. If your tired then you wouldnt be crying." I said in the voice that says Im not stupid. " I dont want to talk about it." " Ok. your exused." I wispered. She litterly jumped out of the seat running to the her room.

                                Karlee P.O.V

Is soon as I was in my room I had more tears than before falling down my cheeks silently.I dont want him to try to comfort me again. How am I going to get out of this shit! I walk into the bathroom to see no sign of a window. Sighing I try my room and my closet. There was one, sadly it was borded up so much that I couldnt even get it open. Believe me I have tried. My hands hurt from trying to open it.

Suddenly the door opens to reveal Harry " Rule number 5 you cant lie to me!" He said and walked out. He cant just make up rules when he wants to! Hell he cant even make up rules!! It's not fair! Walking over to the bed bordem flew over me. What to do...

Harry walked in the door. "Were going out tomorrow." Then left. I grabbed a pellow and screamed into it. I dont freaking wont to go out with!! I want to be the farthest away from him as I can be. Why did he even take me!!

                              Harry P.O.V

I have an idea if she gets to know me she'll love me!This is going to be great!!

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