Dark but Light.

As I watched over my sholder having the feeling of being watched I heard a noise scaring me more.Sunddenly there was a hand on my mouth and waist! I muffled out a sream, terriefied. So many thoughts were going through my head like, whats going on, is he going to kill me, is he goingt to use me as a slave. And the worst of all...



                                                                Harry's P.O.V

After I told her the rules I kinda thought about if I were to be in her point of view.I mean I did take her from her home... but I regret nothing! I got my love. My faverite person in the world.My baby. My love..I've already said that.It's fare that I get her! She will learn to love me!Ok im sorry I'm getting off of track. I cooked chicken the way her dad dose it becouse she loves that recipie! When I finished I quickly put onsome clean cothes. When I knocked on the door I new something was wrong, so I opened the door andlooked around the room pnly seeing nothing. Almost freaking out I heard quite sobbing in the bathrooms. I raced to the door and opened it to see Karlee on the floor crying. "Whats wrong baby?" I wispered.

                                                           Karlee's P.O.V

After I washed up I looked at the mirror only seeing the person that was kidnapped not me. I hate crying but I coulnt take it anymore. I was sobbing by now. Suddenly the door opened "What's wrong baby." He wispered. " YOU!! Everything I lost my sisters , my family , my friends, and now I looked in the mirror only to see a person! I didnt think (omg my eyes dont look that bad today) I thought ( Oh look it's a person) AND I cant even think of what my familys going through!" I sobbed into suprizingly Harry's chest. "Baby it's fair your my true love. Your family will end up never remembering you there going to forget, but I won't let you go I'll never forget you!" He said squeezing my sholder. Really he said that! "You don't even understand!!!" I said running out. Quickly he grabbed my wrist tightly. "RULE NUMBER 1 DONT RUN AWAY FROM ME!" He yelled. I cried out in pain. He carried me downstairs and pushed me in a seat. "I cooked this for you." he said proudly. "..." I just sat there picking at it. "Karlee I asked you a question." He said sternly.Umm no you didnt.... "Thanks." I said almost queit enough for him not to hear. Sadly he did. "So this is your dads recipie." At the sound of my dad I let a fwe tears fall down. " How old are you.?" I squeaked out. "19" I gasped thats 4 years older. More tears rushed down my face.

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