Dark but Light.

As I watched over my sholder having the feeling of being watched I heard a noise scaring me more.Sunddenly there was a hand on my mouth and waist! I muffled out a sream, terriefied. So many thoughts were going through my head like, whats going on, is he going to kill me, is he goingt to use me as a slave. And the worst of all...



Karlee's P.O.V

I honestly was about to fall asleep. " Are you scared of me?" He asked. "Hmm. Oh no." I said cuddling into the booth. "Just then the waitress came with your food. "Here are sir, and for you sleeping beauty." She handed me my food. "Thanks." I managed to mumble out. "Can you get us a to go bag ,please." "Yes." was all she said before walking away. About minuets later she came back with to go bags. We grabbed our stuff and Harry clearly trust me because he told me to go to the car while he paid. I silently walked out and started walking the opposite direction than the car. I speed walked to a store. I quickly ran in and found a hiding spot. Which was the girls bathroom. I heard a lot of yelling as I held my breath when Harry's voice came in.

Harry's P.O.V

I was walking back to the car to see Karlee not in it. I looked around for a second, only to see her walking inside the mall. "Karlee!!" I hollered. She didn't even look. I quickly ran over there and asked/ yelled if she came through. I gave them a picture and they said she went that way, and pointed their fingers toward the girls bathroom. Of course! I started walking that way and knocked on the door. "Hurry up Karlee! We need to get home! I growled out with a smile on my face because people was looking. I heard her start to cry. I waited for people to stop starring then went inside and knocked on her stall. I could hear her sobs become quiet. " Karlee if you come out now I wont punish you." I whispered that so no one would have heard it." I said softly. I heard a sigh then feet hitting the ground. Then the door lock slowly opening. She came out slowly trembling. I took her hand not as gently than when I said I wouldn't punish her. Her face turned so pail. She looked so frightened and frail. And her eye's not daring to meet mine. Then I asked the question I've been waiting to ask. "Are you afraid of me??"   

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