Ever Enough

Arianna and Ruby. Ruby and Arianna.
Put it either way these two girls just click, with the promise of a lollipop these two have been friends since the beginning to the end. But the end is sooner then either of them hoped.
Ruby couldn't think of life without Arianna but when she finds her best friend dead and only leaving behind broken hearts and a Skype call that Ruby can't bring herself to even watch a second of it. With her best friend dead, no one to understand her, and a school filled with people who only believe Arianna's killer's story Ruby wants to crack.
She just wants her best friend back. But when Arianna's confusing jerk of a brother comes back after two years and finds he wants to shove his way back into her life, Ruby can't help by except his attention.
Is anything ever enough when you lose your best friend?


3. Shining Star

The sun was bright and the birds chirped loudly, it's 9:59 so I'd give it about five...four.....three....two...

"Happy birthday!!!" Was screamed in my ear still taking me off guard so I flipped out of my bed and onto the floor groaning.

 "Do you have to do that ever time it's my birthday?"

The blonde looked down at me and smiled, "Oh course I do now get up we have things to do."

 "Urgh I don't feel like it." I faked going back to sleep which made her giggle and jump on my back, "Oh my god you're fat get off."

 "I'm as light as a feather so shut up and let's go, I have until four to hang out with you." She sighed making me look up confused.

 "Four why?"

 "You know my grandmother hasn't been feeling so great so I have to go check on her."

 "But it's my birthday."

 "And this is gran" she sighed, "I have to make sure she's okay I promise I'll make it up to you when I get back."

I nodded slowly, "Okay I hang out with Luis."

She bit her lip, "Him and Carol are having problems again so he's a little unavailable today, sorry honey."

 "So I have no one to spend the day with?"

She smiled, "Actually I have a surprise."

She yanked me to my feet causing me to smile and follow her down the stairs, the smell of bacon, eggs, and chocolate hit my nose making my stomach growl. Once we came into the kitchen I saw my family, Luis, and Kelly all around the kitchen table with food laid out on it and smiles on all their faces. My smile faltered a little at the absence of Caleb, he didn't even come back for my birthday. After he graduated high school he left with his band to L.A and hasn't been back since, he left me in pieces because he left after took something important from me. I miss him every day but I know he won't come back.

 "Happy birthday!!"

I smiled a little bigger and then saw Joey standing in the doorway, "Joey!!!" He hugged my small form against his and I smiled harder happy that he was here. Looking at him his beard had grown out some more, his skin was tanner, and his muscles peaked out from under his shirt.

 "You're starting to look like a man Joey when did that happen?"

He laughed, "A while ago."

They all smiled at me and Mom put a cake down in front of me, they all began to sing and I giggled when Arianna took a finger full of frosting and smashed it in my face. Everyone smiled and each put cake on each other, I laughed out as a giant hunk of cake was thrown in Joey's face. He looked to see who had down it and Arianna giggled as he started to tickle her. I grabbed another piece of cake and smashed it in Luis's face and he responded by wiping it off and putting it in his mouth.

Once we were all cleaned up my parents and Kelly left to give the day just to us, but it didn't last long before Arianna and Luis climbed into his car and drove away. I frowned but Joey talked me into his car and we went out for a night on the town.




All day Joey took me anywhere I wanted to go Dippy's for ice cream sundaes, the mall for a manicure and pedicure, Barnes & Nobles and got me five new books, and back home by 8 o' clock.

 "That was a fun day wouldn't you say Ruby?"

I smiled, "Yeah Joey it was fun."

We pulled up at the house and I climbed out no one was home so I just breezed through and started up the stairs before stopped me, "I have one last present for you Ruby."

 "Oh yeah what's that?"

He didn't say anything but ran down the hall, I groaned and ran after him. He may look like a man but he's still so childish, I thought as I roamed the house looking for him. The back door opened and closed very quietly as he snuck out it I grinned and followed him, Gotcha.

Everything happened in slow motion, one minute I slipped through the screen door the dark backyard flashed blue, yellow, red, purple, and pink. Screams erupted from everywhere, I was completely in shock as I fell to the ground.


My eyes roamed the crowd and landed on Luis and Arianna making their way towards me with smiles on their faces and a camera posed at Luis's eye. They threw me a surprise party, I should have known this would happen with them both not able to spend the day with me and me not hearing a word from either of them today.

 "Happy birthday cupcake, did you really think we would miss your birthday?" Arianna laughed helping me to my feet.

 "Had me fooled."

They smiled and Luis pointed the camera in my face, "Ready to have the best birthday of your life Ruby?"

I nodded and someone picked me up, I turned to see Joey and before I could even see what he was doing I was tossed into the water and soaked to my core. Time froze as I stayed under the water, I thought about how amazing my friends are and how I was so lucky to have Arianna as my best friend.

She did all this for me, slowly I resurfaced everyone had stopped and their eyes were on me. I looked around and smiled, "Woooooooo!!"

Everyone screamed with me, the music was turned back on and everyone around launched themselves into the pool with me screaming on their way down. I laughed and was lifted on someone's shoulders, it was Luis and Arianna came over to the side of us smiling.

I smiled back at her and dropped back into the water the smile plastered on my face.

The party lasted for hours but I found myself sitting on my porch swing looking up at the stars and enjoying the warm summer air. It was nice, the night was beautiful and was the perfect way to end my birthday.

 "Ruby what are you doing out here it's like two in the morning." Arianna smiled as she wrapped her arm around my shoulders, the party had gone great allowing me and her a blast, "You know this was one of the best parties I've ever planned?"

 "I bet it was you did an awesome job Anna, you're the best."

She flipped her still wet hair over her shoulder and smirked, "I know right I am the best."

 "You're so full of yourself."

She laughed and nudged me, "You know Jeremy was checking you out."


 "Jeremy Uller he's in our English class he was checking you out all night, I think he likes you." She snickered.

 "As if."

 "Come on cupcake give him a chance you might come to like him."

I scoffed, "Why don't you Luke a chance?"

She thought about it, "You know because I know I won't like him."

 "And what will me giving Jeremy a chance do?"

 "It'll give you options" she looked up at the sky and leaped up, "Ruby look shooting star!!"
I followed her gaze and saw the bright shining star zooming through the sky, I smiled at her, "Make a wish."

She grabbed my hand and I gripped hers, I thought hard about my wish and finally got it. Caleb, I thought and smiled as I did. I opened my eyes as she looked at me and grinned back.

 "What did you wish for?" I asked.


I looked at her confused, "What do you mean?"

She winked at me but pretended to zip her lips, she kissed my cheek and sat us both back on the porch swing. The stars shone brightly in the sky and had me in a trance, I thought back to my wish and hoped it came true.

Looking back now I realize that wish could have saved me a lot of grief and heart ache if I hadn't been so selfish.

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