Ever Enough

Arianna and Ruby. Ruby and Arianna.
Put it either way these two girls just click, with the promise of a lollipop these two have been friends since the beginning to the end. But the end is sooner then either of them hoped.
Ruby couldn't think of life without Arianna but when she finds her best friend dead and only leaving behind broken hearts and a Skype call that Ruby can't bring herself to even watch a second of it. With her best friend dead, no one to understand her, and a school filled with people who only believe Arianna's killer's story Ruby wants to crack.
She just wants her best friend back. But when Arianna's confusing jerk of a brother comes back after two years and finds he wants to shove his way back into her life, Ruby can't help by except his attention.
Is anything ever enough when you lose your best friend?


2. Romeo & Juliet

 "Ruby that movie was just magical, urgh what I would do to have a guy treat me with such care and affectionate as that." Arianna gushed as the credits began to roll up the screen, it was Saturday and like every Saturday it was our movie marathon day. Today we just happened to find Romeo and Juliet the Leonardo Dicaprio version and Arianna fell completely in love with it.

I've known Arianna for five years, even at fifteen I was still the same shy and keep to herself girl while Arianna still blossomed into this perfect, smart, and fun teenager. She had matured, her cheeks had highered, her lips grew fuller, and her curves had already began to grow out noticeably. She had reached her growth spurt while I was still that little girl who was just trying to keep up.

 "Hey what's wrong you seem upset?" She asked me.

 "Just thinking is all, when do you think you'll get a boyfriend?"

She looked at me and brushed her blonde hair from her eyes and smiled, "I don't know maybe when I'm a senior in high school, I don't want what Joey is always talking about. Guys who smash and pass, I will never be stupid enough to be with a guy like that. I'm going to save myself for someone special the guy I marry, he's going to be my Romeo."

 "Are you Juliet?" I teased and she shoved me playfully, "You suck."

She laughed and went back to her ice cream tub and noticed it empty, I giggled and she growled at me, "You ate the rest of the ice cream!?"

I nodded and she groaned, "There's more brownie chunk in the freezer bring it up would you?"

 "I'll go get more ice cream."

The house was quiet beside me and Arianna's loud movie day, Kelly was out shopping and Caleb had gone skateboarding with his friends. I loved being in Arianna's house it was more of a home to me than my own house, ever since Joey had left to college it was like I was living at her house 24/7.

Stopping at the fridge I searched the shelves for the new tub of ice cream and found it at the bottom, "There you are."

 "Yeah right here."

Scared I jumped up and banged my head on the top shelf and silently cursed to myself, slowly turning around I came face to face with Caleb, "You scared me you jerk."

His smirk made me shiver, "Sorry about that Ruby come here let me put some ice on that."

His hands grabbed my waist and sat me on the island, I blushed and he pulled out an ice pack from the fridge. My head throbbed and made me flinch when he put the ice pack on it, at first it stung but I got used to it feeling the pain slowly fade.


His hazel eyes searched mine and I stared back at him, "Yeah much better."

 "Ruby." His eyes looked deeply into mine and I felt his hand on my leg slowly inching up my thigh, it was a strange feeling but I liked it. My hand reached his shoulder as if telling him okay, he inched forward our faces so close together I closed my eyes waiting.

But nothing.

 "No." He whispered and pulled away, "We shouldn't be doing this."

I frowned, "Why not?"

 "Ruby!! Where are you!?"

Both our eyes turned to the stairs where we heard Arianna's footsteps inching closer, "That's why not."

His hand left my leg and took my hand away from his shoulder, he kissed my knuckles and dropped my hand before disappearing out the back door. Soon enough Arianna appeared beside me as I studied my knuckles slowly.

 "Rube what are you doing?"

My eyes never left my knuckles as I spoke, "Nothing."

Her eyes studied mine and I could tell she already knew but said nothing as she grabbed my hand and the ice cream and yanked both up the stairs. She said nothing as we sat on her bed and put in another movie, her eyes searched mine but I couldn't look at her because if I did she'd know everything.

 "Honey he's not worth it."

I jumped up, "What!?"

 "Caleb. I know the way you look at him, I'm not stupid, I can read you like the back of my hand. But he's not ever going to settle down and he's just messing with your head, I know my brother."

 "It's not like that, there's nothing going on between us Anna I just banged my head on the shelf and was flustered."

She laughed, "Who besides you says flustered?"

She laughed at me and I couldn't help but laugh with her, it was always like this with Arianna. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't stay mad or not talk to her and she meant to much to me. Caleb is just a phase, I though to myself, He was just teasing you and that was it. 

 "Hey how about I call Luis and see if he wants to go out for a night on the town, yeah?"

 "Yeah let's call up Louie." Luis was our only other friend, we met him back when we went to middle school he was the new kid that transferred in eighth grade and me and Arianna were the only ones who talked to him. Anna felt bad that he was alone at the back of the class so we sat beside him and got to talking.

We came to find out he wasn't a shy quiet guy he just didn't want to be at our school, he had a girlfriend back at his old school Grace and missed her dearly. He got used to being around us and we became best friends, but when we graduated he went to the high school Grace did. We still see him often though.

 "Okay I'll go call him." She dialed his number and left the room, I sat on her bed and looked out the window. Caleb sat on the curb smoking a cigarette, I watched him intently before he got up and drove away on his skateboard.

I wouldn't mind being his Juliet and him being my Romeo. I smiled at the thought but pushed it away as Arianna came back into the room.

 "Ruby he's on his way."

I nodded as she brushed her long blonde curls and sighed, this is my life the life that involved Arianna. She was my best friend and that's all that mattered, but that wouldn't last for much longer.

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