Ever Enough

Arianna and Ruby. Ruby and Arianna.
Put it either way these two girls just click, with the promise of a lollipop these two have been friends since the beginning to the end. But the end is sooner then either of them hoped.
Ruby couldn't think of life without Arianna but when she finds her best friend dead and only leaving behind broken hearts and a Skype call that Ruby can't bring herself to even watch a second of it. With her best friend dead, no one to understand her, and a school filled with people who only believe Arianna's killer's story Ruby wants to crack.
She just wants her best friend back. But when Arianna's confusing jerk of a brother comes back after two years and finds he wants to shove his way back into her life, Ruby can't help by except his attention.
Is anything ever enough when you lose your best friend?


5. Innocence

 The day started of normal but that day was one I'd remember for the rest of  my life.

October 15th. It was a warm yet chilly day, the weather people said there was a high chance of a thunder storm tonight. The day started off normal just like any other Saturday, Arianna had gone out to get us some ice cream while I stayed at home to get my room set up for our annual Saturday sleepovers. She's been gone a while though, I thought and shrugged grabbing my phone sending her a text.

I began to type in the message when the door burst open, before I could even spin my head to the side I was knocked off the couch and pinned to the ground, "Ow!!"

 "Ahhhhh!!!!! Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Rub-" Arianna screamed but I stopped her.


 "He asked me out!!"

I was stunned, "Who?"

 "Freddie!!! He asked me out today and we're going out tonight!!!" She paused, "Oh my god we're going out tonight, we have to go find me an outfit!!!" She screamed and jumped up yanking me with her out the front door, mind you I only had on shorts and a tang top with flip flops, so I almost fell. Her excitement was overwhelming yet I was happy too, after all this time of her and Freddy liking each other the guy finally made a move. Once we were in her room it began Hurricane Arianna, her clothes thrown every which way, shoes scattered here and there, and every tube of lip gloss she had. Mind that she had at least a thousand different kinds of pinks and reds, I was buried under ten pairs of skinnies she had thrown back at me saying they weren't the right kind.

 "Anna calm down you'll find something he asked you out because he likes you not your outfits." I tried reassuring her but she still rummaged through her closet looking for something short of a miracle. Her date was at seven and that was two hours away and she was starting to freak out, with no outfit, her hair still in a messy bun, and no makeup that matched she looked like she was about to have a panic attack. I got up from the bed and put my hand on her shoulder feeling her slowly start to relax, "It'll be okay."

 "I know Ruby I just want tonight to be perfect." She whispered flopping down on her bed, I smiled warmly at her before looking through the closet myself. Arianna's clothes were always cute and stylish even I wanted to wear them once in a while, but tonight she had to have a cute outfit that would make her feel confident. It took me ten minutes before I was about to give up when my eyes landed  on one of the jean skirts she owned, it was a regular skirt but had designs all over it. I smiled and thought of the perfect shirt, digging deep into her drawer I found her black long sleeve button down that I had gotten her for her last birthday. The outfit looked perfect, cautiously I peaked out of the closet to see Arianna on her bed brushing her hair slowly I smiled and walked over to her.

 "I found it."

She glanced up and saw the outfit I held in my hands, her eyes brightened up and she screamed, "Ruby it's before!! You may not dress like a girl but you sure do have an eye for fashion."

Quickly she changed into the clothes and I helped her with her makeup, she wanted it light so I put on a light black and mascara. Her gloss was a nice shiny red and went perfectly with her outfit, we straightened her hair and put her bags of to the side. Like always she put on her boots but today was her biker boots, I smiled as I looked her and how beautiful she looked.

 "Anna you look great."

 "Thanks Ruby couldn't have done it without you."

By the time she was done getting ready it was already 7:07 and we rushed down the stairs and she climbed in her car, "Are you sure you have everything?"

 "Ruby I have everything besides it's just a movie, I have to go I'm already late." She laughed and I smiled.

 "Okay be safe and have fun."

She winked at me, "I will trust me I'll be fine."

As she drove away I couldn't help this awful feeling in my stomach that made me want to yell for her to come back, It's just my nerves getting the best of me. So I just flagged off the feeling and walked back to my house, I should have known better. With Arianna being psychic she rubbed off on me and when I got a bad feeling it always meant something bad was going to happen, I should have listened to my gut.




I've been doing through channels for fifteen minutes in hope of finding something but if course I found nothing, giving up I settled on watching Spongebob. I checked the time and saw that it was already eleven, Arianna had been gone a while she said the movie started at eight. Maybe they went to go get something to eat, I can admit Arianna had been waiting years for this day so I'm pretty sure she'd be trying to make this date last as long as possible. I smiled at the thought and looked out my window it has began raining around nine but no sign of thunder, I loved thunder storms especially in the summer me and Arianna would always just sit on our front porch and watch the flashes excitedly.

then a bright flash of  lightning flashed across my window making me flinch.
Ruby! I heard a voice scream, instantly my eyes went back to the window and I slowly made my way to it. I didn't care that rain began to drench me in water I slid the frame open and peered into the dark, just then a figure appeared and I jumped.
My eyes widened at the sight of Arianna, her clothes were wet and dirty, her hair was a mess, and she looked as if she had just seen someone commit murder, “Anna?"
I jumped out the window and pulled her into my arms and held her through the window, I set her down shortly on my bed as she suffered in my arms and didn't sobbed.
“Arianna what happened? Did Freddy do something?"
She said nothing.
“Anna please tell me."
She mumbled something but I didn't hear her, I tried to get her to look at me but she wouldn't. After a few seconds of her silence she said his name, “Luke."
“What about Luke?" I asked confused, she started to cry more so I hugged her tighter.
“He...he.........he raped me." She stammered making me pull back.
My voice got stuck in my throat and tears welled in my eyes, “He what...." I croaked out.
She sobs got heavier but she helped my hand, “I was in my way to me and Freddy's date, I couldn't find a parking spot near the movie theater so I posted father down the road. I was....I was walking when Luke came out of no where, he told me he wanted to talk but I told him no I had to be somewhere. I started to walk away when he pulled out a knife, he grabbed my hand and forced me into his truck. I had both my pocket knives the one in my purse and the one that was in my pocket but I couldn't get to them without moving. We kept driving I don't remember how long but when we stopped it was dark and nothing but he's surrounded us, I told him to take me back to the movies but he just reached over and kissed me. I pulled back but he just kept trying to kiss me again, I punched him in the face but then he back handed me it hurt so much and I was in shock..." She paused and wiped nose as the tears flowed from both her and my eyes.
“I could have reached for my pocket knife but I wasn't thinking, he reached for my hair and yanked it bringing my face towards his, he said that I would regret ever turning him down and embarrassing him for so long. I reacted and smashed him, I pushed the door open and fell out before I started to run. I could hear him running after me but I tried to run faster but he tackled me. He flipped me over and smacked me again, I cried out and I started screaming. He just laughed and told me no one would hear me, I tried to fight back but he had all his weight on me and he was too strong. he pinned my arms down and ripped away my panties...I-I-I screamed and kicked but he covered my mouth and unzipped his pants."
“And he raped you." I whispered softly, she nodded against my shoulder and sobbed harder. 
“It felt like hours when he stopped and cooked into his car, he came out the window and the my bag at me before driving off. I don't know how long I laid there but it started to reason and I just wanted to see you, that's how I showed up here. Ruby I'm so cold." She mumbled making it hard to beat her, I panicked and shook her.
“Arianna please stay awake I'm gonna go get my mom and we'll take you to the hospital okay" she slept nodded “I'll be right back don't go to sleep please don't go to sleep."
I left the room quickly listening to her life sobs, my heart raced and tears drenched my face as I found my parents in the living room, “Mom." I whined.
Her eyes found mine and she was by my side in seconds, “Oh my God ruby what's wrong!?"
“It's Arianna, she's in my room and she I don't...." I dreamed behind my tears but she shushed me but I found her eyes, “He raped her."
Her eyes widened and she looked at my dad, “Jason call the police now!" 
She rushed to my room as my dad dialed 911, “Hello yes I need an ambulance for my daughter's friends, no I need it now she's been raped."
I flinched at the word and dropped to the floor, Why didn't I stop her from leaving tonight? She could have been laying on my bed eating Doritos and ice cream instead of being emotionally tampered with and hurt like this. She didn't deserve this, she was innocent, she had her innocence, she just left tonight on a regular night thinking she was going on a fun date. No one could have known Luke would do this to her, I for one never knew he was capable of doing something like this.
I said nothing to my father as he tried to hold me, I pulled away and heard a loud scream. I quickly jumped up from the floor and to my room to find Arianna crying loudly in my mother's arms as she tried to comfort her and calm her down. I started hyperventilating and fell to the ground, my mother's eyes looked over at me worried but I looked down at my best friend small form hanging onto my mother for dear life.
I wanted to go over to her side and comfort her the best way I could but I couldn't move, I was frozen where I say on the floor completely in shock. The room felt small and I wanted to scream but knew that wouldn't do anything, I rocked slowly back and forth along with the same rhythm my mom rocked Arianna. The EMTs' came ten minutes later following behind my dad as he ran toward us, they slowly wrapped their arms around Arianna and lifted her in the air bringing her down the stairs to the gurney waiting in the living room. The youngest EMT laid her down on the gurney and looked back at us as the other two wheeled her away, he looked up at us and frowned.

 "Only one of you can ride with her in the ambulance, I'm sorry but it's procedure."

I frowned and looked at my mom, "Mom I.."

 "Go ahead sweetie I'll go with your father to go and get Kelly, we have to tell her about this." She hugged me and pushed me into the ambulance before rushing back to the house, all I saw was her dark brown hair flying out from behind her as the doors to the ambulance shut and began to drive away from our neighborhood. My eyes found Arianna and my hand grabbed hers, she flinched but saw that it was me and closed her eyes.

 "Ruby I just...I wanna sleep."

 "Shh Anna we're gonna go tot the hospital and get you checked out to make sure everything is okay, but I'm going to be right there with you I promise."

My words seemed to comfort her because she nodded and laid her head on my shoulder and let me hold her until we reached the hospital. Her eyes never left mine as they helped me and her out of the ambulance and through the front doors, but when a doctor stopped me I left her gaze and looked at him.

 "I'm sorry Miss but we have to do a rape kit and no one can be in the room while we perform it."

I shook my head rapidly, "No no no I have to be there for her I can't just.."

 "Miss I understand that but we can't allow another person in the room."

I wanted to scream no but Arianna spoke before me, "Ruby it's okay I'll be fine." Her voice was low and I could tell she didn't want to be alone she was trying to get this over with. I sighed and nodded as they wheeled her through double doors and out of my sight, I wanted to burst through that door and scream that I wasn't going o leave her alone but I knew it wouldn't make anything better.

So instead I walked over to the lounge and sat in the corner bringing my knees to my chest and hugging them tight. I hate hospitals, always have and always will. They remind me of the time Joey got into a fight with my dad and ran to our treehouse, he was so angry and didn't notice one of the steps was cracked.

He slammed his foot down on it and SNAP, he broke through the ladder and dropped to the ground. My mother told me he had snapped something and there was blood everywhere, I rushed to his side and screamed for my mom. The rushed his to the hospital and he had to get eight stitches, but the worse part one of the doctors made a mistake and made Joey's leg start to bleed more. He had passed out.

They fixed him, but because of what happened he was forced to stay in that hospital for a week. I've hated hospitals ever since, but tonight everything in this hospital made me want to scream and throw up.

The monitors beeping up and own the halls.

Nurses rushing around from rom to room, their clogs scraping the floors in a way that rattled my stomach.

The man across from me shaking his leg impatiently as if waiting for the bad news he knew was to come, Just like me. The way his knee bounced up and down made me dizzy and a part of me just wanted to yell at him to stop. The bile in my throat started to rise and I tried hard to gulp it back down but to no avail, my thoughts rushed through my head hoping Arianna was okay and that I could see her soon.

She needed me, but here I was sitting on this floor waiting for something to happen. Doctors and nurses passed by me and some even looked down at me and frowned feeling so sorry for the young girl here by herself waiting to hear news about the other young girl he came in with.

It made me sick, I didn't need their pity and I most certainly didn't care about anything else right now. All I cared about right now was Arianna.


My head jerked to the right to see Kelly and my mom running down the hall towards me and I could see the panic in Kelly's eyes.

 "Ruby where is she!? Where is my daughter!?" She screamed at me and the nurse that passed by, "My baby I need to see her now please!"

Her words were soon drowned out by her tears as she dropped to the ground and hit the floor hard, I looked at my mom but she didn't look at me she rushed to console Kelly. People watched us and others gave me sympathetic looks, a grumble erupted in the back of my throat making me want to cry again.

 “Arianna Taylor?"

All of our heads snapped up to look at a small woman with orange hair and black rimmed glasses covering most of her face, I looked over at Kelly and my mom and slightly stood up, “We're here for Arianna Taylor."

 “Well I'm Dr. Michelle and we performed the rape kit and there are some things that you should know."

Kelly slowly stood up and came to my side, “Please tell me how she is."

 “Well by the looks of it there were signs of penetration but it is hard to determine when it happened. But there was no trace of semen so I'd say there was a condom used, there isn't much else but we're still doing some tests."

My heart sank, There was a condom used. He was smart and covered it up, Kelly cried more and I just stared at the doctor in front of me wanting so badly to scream.

 "She hasn't said much but has asked for someone named Ruby."

My eyes met her and she nodded, slowly I began to follow her down a hall every step making my heart race faster knowing that my best friend was just seconds away riding in pain and crying all alone in a cold hospital room. I shuddered at the thought.

We came to a stop and she signaled me in, "I will just warn you she's in a fragile state and it'd be best to take things slow."

I nodded and she began back down the hall, the tears in my eyes started to fall as I pushed open the door to a heart breaking sight. The beautiful happy girl I knew just hours before was now pale, depressed, and looked as if she was on death row.


Her eyes slowly found me and a tremble came over her body, I rushed to her side and gripped her small frame in my arms and held her tight. Her sobs made my heart hurt, everything in my world was crashing down at the sight of my best friend in so much pain. Her blonde hair was still in knots and matted with mud, all the tears that ran down her face were heavy and filled with every emotion possible, and her small shaky body holding onto my torso as if holding on for dear life. This wasn't my best friend.

 "Anna it's okay it's gonna get better, I promise."

She shook her head, "This will never get better Ruby. Never."

 "It will this is just gonna take some time."

Her eyes finally found mine, "Ruby I should have listened."

 "To what?"

 "I knew about that bad feeling you had before I left, I ignored it because I told myself I was going to have a fun time. I just should have listened."

Her words rattled me to my core, "Arianna this is not your fault."

Her lips parted as if ready to say something but the door opened to reveal Kelly and my parents, her grip tightened around me as they all came closer. My mom started to smooth down my hair with a tender motherly touch, my dad wasn't the best at emotional situations so he sat off to the side, but Kelly came to Arianna's side and tried to rub her arm and talk soothingly. But she pulled away and sank deeper into my embrace.

Kelly looked taken back at this, "Arianna sweetie I...."

 "Miss Taylor I'm Detective Grist and this is my partner Detective Young and we've been assigned to your case, would you mind if we came in." All our eyes found two detectives as they came into the room, Arianna looked at them for a while but slowly she nodded.

The woman Detective Young came and sat in the chair on Arianna's other side and put on a small smile, "Hi sweetie my name is Merissa I know this is hard for you but these things happen, this is a rough time to get through but we're here to help you through it. Do you want to tell me what happened tonight?"

All eyes were on Arianna as she looked at Merissa intently, her eyes found mine and I nodded. Slowly she began to tell the two detectives everything from when she had come home to tell me about her date to when she came to my house and when we brought her here. Kelly had left the room when she had to the part where he pinned her down in those woods, but the cops just watched Arianna. They listened intently to everything she said writing things in notebooks every few seconds and nodding for her to continue.

When she finished they looked at us and sighed but Detective Young spoke first, "I'm so sorry this happened to you, no one deserves this especially girls who did nothing and who have lives ahead of themselves. We'll be in touch."

My dad thanked them and they left leaving all of us speechless and questioning what to do next. Since they had been there while she told the cops what had happened, our parents were crying, I still had no idea where Kelly was, but all I cared about was Arianna right now.

 "Ruby I just wanna go home."

 "I know Anna I'm gonna get you home soon they just need to do a few more tests." I whispered and she took a deep breath and snuggled deeper into my arms, I rocked her slowly for hours before we both fell asleep.


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