Ghost of You

Abandoned at the alter by her beloved, which she learns is because he died, Alana is angry. She is haunted by the spirit of her fiance, who claims he is sorry and requests forgiveness. Alana refuses, and he is angry. Alana must stay safe as she tries to live on, but he haunts her still. Can she shake him off, or will he kill her just to stay together?


3. III

    I am not informed of the damage until I am about to go to the hair salon to get my hair done.

"Come along, girls, we've got an appointment!" I throw their covers in the air, because they haven't even got up. 

"Alana..." Stormi suddenly frowns, but not like the other bridesmaids are, not with disappointment. But with fear. "About the was much more serious than we thought. I got a text from Richard not but five minutes ago." Tears are forming in her eyes as I read the conversation.

Why aren't you answering your phone? Anyway, as it turns out, it is a lot worse than we thought.

how? did you break a bone? It's okay, I'll tell Alana. but she'll b mad.

No. The thing is...Sam is dead. The accident killed him. We ran into a eighteen wheeler and the impact gave him a deadly whiplash.

no! no, thats not possible.hes alive. he cant be dead.

he is. and Alana is going to be devastated.

    I sure am.

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