Ghost of You

Abandoned at the alter by her beloved, which she learns is because he died, Alana is angry. She is haunted by the spirit of her fiance, who claims he is sorry and requests forgiveness. Alana refuses, and he is angry. Alana must stay safe as she tries to live on, but he haunts her still. Can she shake him off, or will he kill her just to stay together?


2. II

     My sister in law to be, Stormi, picks me up in the bus she rented. All the girls are there, too. Even (unfortunately) Sam's mom. She's nice and all, but she's annoying. She just doesn't notice-or care.

     "Sam and the boys are almost there," says Vicky, my best friend since kindergarten. 

     "Typical. They sped," I sigh, knowing it's the truth. But an hour later I receive information they got into a "fender-bender", whatever the heck that is.

     "Really? On the night before the wedding?" Evelyn, Sam's mom, scowls."Gimme that phone." 

She goes all out on them, saying things like, "Y'all are disrespecting poor Alana by messing up," and, "Y'all shouldn't have been drinking." 

But then I learn it is even more serious than that.

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