Sister of Artemis

The Titans have risen again and trapped the gods in the underworld. When the gods break loose they don't have enough power to take their full form. Sophia is chosen to help the gods, can she do it? Will her choices hurt the people around her?


10. The Underworld


A shiver ran down my spine as I took in the surroundings. Everyone had gotten through and we we're now all standing on a cliff above the Underworld. A path led down the side of the cliff and I eyed it suspiciously. Below us Hades' realm stretched on and on, from the gates guarded by Cerbeus to Tartarus and the styx.

A huge castle loomed over everything. The castle was surrounded by tall walls and guarded at the gate. The walls shinned and we could just see the garden that was on either side of the walkway. Trees grew tall, but their blooms were not flowers, they were precious gems. Diamonds pushed out of the ground, forming bushes that reflected the eerie red light that was emitted throughout the entire place.

"Is everyone ready to start walking?" I asked, looking around at everyone else. I could tell that they aswell were trying to understand and take in their surroundings. I caught a few nods and decided it was enough. "I don't know how long it's going to take to walk down this cliff, but I'd rather be slow and careful than have more people injured."

I started off towards the edge of the cliff and down the path. Large boulders jutted out, making the path thinner even than it should have been. I stumbled a few times on some smaller rocks that littered the path.

I made sure to take glances at everyone, make sure that they were okay. For a while, no one said anything. I don't know why. Maybe it was because we were all scared, or maybe because we were all amazed by the Underworld. The path zig-zagged along the side of the cliff, making the trek even longer. After a few hours Sam finally spoke up;

"Maybe we should stay here and sleep, or at least rest for a while."

Positive responses came from most of the other inhabitants, their exhausten had gotten the best of them and their eyes were drooping, their limbs heavy with the need for rest. I nodded in agreement and everyone started to sit down, tring to get comfortable.

We set up along the path, careful to stay away from the edge, and against the wall. I sat down, the rocks suprisingly warm against my back as I leant against the wall. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to relax. As I did, I felt someone slide down against the wall next to me. When I opened my eyes, Dylan was at my side. We exchanged glances and smiles before settling in and trying to sleep.

After laying awake, against the burning, red rocks for a while I felt Dylan put his arm around me. The small action made me feel warm inside. My stomach fluttered, and I realised that I'm not alone, these people are here to help me get my brother back. I shuffled closer to Dylan and relaxed against him. And slowly, very slowly, I drifted to sleep.

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