Sister of Artemis

The Titans have risen again and trapped the gods in the underworld. When the gods break loose they don't have enough power to take their full form. Sophia is chosen to help the gods, can she do it? Will her choices hurt the people around her?


1. Prologue- Bright Lights

A silver light peaked through the endless darkness, shimmering in the form of a young wolf. The wolf paused to howl. Soon it was joined by a shinning, blue dolphin, swimming through the air. A few more lights appeared together; a pink dove flew overtop of a large, slithering, green snake. A gray owl followed, its soft hoot echoing through the empty space. All the bright, glowing animals stopped and looked behind them, as if waiting for something. They were soon joined by a red leaf that seemed to be blowing in the wind. A slow moving tiger eased itself to the waiting animals. Two glowing lights, one purple, the other teal, floated over a flaming donkey and a chubby pig. An odd winged snake flew a couple feet off the black ground. Lastly a huge golden eagle arrived, walking on its big clawed talons beside a colorful peacock.

The lights gathered and chaos began to unravel as they each fought for attention. The wolf howled again, louder than before, and silenced them all. The eagle flew over and examined a huge black gate that was in front of them. It was sparkling, made out of what looked like the bones of humans and animals alike. They regrouped and the lights moved as one, full speed towards the gate. As they got closer their light grew stronger and began to pulse around them, until they collided with the gate.

For a split second the endless darkness became a bright, vibrant white, then the gate was gone, shattered in about a billion pieces on the ground. All of the lights had turned into people. They had a strange and powerful aura about them, and stood in a half circle. I could almost see the power pulsing around each of them. A young girl stepped into the middle of the circle. She wore a short silver dress, with a silver pelt draped around her shoulders. In her hand was a single, silver arrow, and on her shoulder a sparkling silver bow.

“We don’t have enough power to take full form yet, but we need to be able to keep an eye on the titans while resting, until we have enough power to destroy them.” She announced. They all looked at her like a herd of little kids, waiting expectantly for a solution to arise.

“We have enough power to inhabit mortals. We can raise them to take down the Titans. It is said that we need them to beat the Titans.” An older woman stated from the crowd. She wore a long, flowered dress, with ears of wheat threaded through her perfectly braided hair.

Who are these weird people? What are they doing? What do they need? Why are they here?

“I’ve been watching the mortals.” Came a small, timid voice from the shadows. The voice belonged to a young girl. Younger even than the first. She was dressed in flowing silk that moved around her on its own. She looked shy, but wise, like she could see something that the others couldn’t. “I’ve found a few that are suitable, I thought this might happen and I figured that we would need a plan before they found us.”

“THAT’S NONSENSE! IT WOULD NEVER WORK!” Boomed another. A bearded man wearing a business suit stepped towards the first girl. “THIS IS ALL RIDICULOUS! WE CAN BEAT THEM ON OUR OWN!” He gloated. Most of the others turned to each other and whispered in agreement. Nodding frantically as if he should be worshipped by everyone.

“I think it’s a great idea. With the help of the mortals we can be more powerful than we ever were.” Another older man bellowed. He wore sandals and beach wear and in his large hands he held a trident, gleaming gold as he shifted.

“I agree. We must bond together if we want to be as powerful as we once were.” A man who seemed to glow orange agreed. Giddy in anticipation.

“ENOUGH! We will inhabit them. We need to gain power and numbers.” A strong woman in what almost looked like a wedding dress decided. She put her hand gently on the man’s shoulder and whispered in his ear. “It has been decided” she added.

The people started to disappear, one by one. Like magic, right out of thin air.

Everything suddenly got really dark and then, there was a bedroom. Everything was blue and purple; there were pictures, clothes and jewelry everywhere. Laying in the bed, fast asleep was a really pretty girl. She had short, dark brown hair with highlights; her hair looked perfect, even as she slept. A beautiful woman appeared. She was glowing pink and wearing a long, light pink gown. A tiara was upon her long, perfectly curled blonde hair. The woman walked towards the girl, when she arrived beside her bed, she touched her wrist and seemed to be pulled into the girl, as if through a vacuum.

Everything turned dark again and a new bedroom appeared. This one was much smaller than the first and was filled by only two beds and a couple pictures. Lying in the smaller bed, was a little girl, she had a look of sadness and despair etched into her face. Her hair was pulled back into a long, curly ponytail. Her tiny hands held a small stuffed cat close to her heart. In the other bed was a rough- looking teenage boy. He had messy blonde hair that stuck with perspiration to his face and ears. His neck and arms were bruised and a large scar ran from his left eye to the corner of his mouth. This time two glowing figures appeared, one was the young girl, who’s long, silk dress moved on its own. The second figure was a large, muscular man. He wore a black helm that covered most of his face. His eyes burned amber, like lava. They walked towards the children and disappeared, just like the first.

The darkness arrived again and the sequences kept repeating themselves.

A girl slept silently. Her blonde hair lay stretched across her pillow. The figure who appeared was the woman who was wearing a wedding gown.

Another room belonged to a teenage boy. His hair stuck up in different directions with remnants of gel. A glowing man appeared, the one holding the triton.

The image changed again. This time it was a little girl with light brown hair that was pulled up in a messy bun. As she slept, she was curled up tightly on her side, wrapped in blankets. Once again a figure appeared, it was the woman with the wheat ears in her hair.

Then a young boy with dark hair lay as an older man with tan clothes, glowing green, walked towards him and disappeared.

It seemed like this would be endless, like it would keep going, on and on, forever.

A room appeared, its door was open and across the hall you could see into a second bedroom. The bedroom was dark, and everything was blue, a boy lay fast asleep in the bed. His dirty blonde hair was messy and his lips moved as he breathed. Across was a girl’s room. The two kids looked basically the same age. The girl’s room was colorful, green, blue, pink, and purple, covered in pictures and posters. She lay curled in her bed. Curled into her side was a white and brown dog, whose breath matched the girl’s. Held to her close against her chest was a stuffed wolf. Her hair was red, a beautiful, vibrant red, and fell in long messy ringlets around her round face. Two figures appeared together. They were in the hall, and acknowledged each other before heading into either room. The girl was the one wearing silver, with the bow and arrow, and pelt on her shoulders. The boy was younger, but still looked older than her. He was shinning orange and wearing hideous sandals. They walked towards the children, their every step echoing through the empty house. The boy disappeared first, the girl a second afterwards. The girl sat up in her bed and opened her bright, lime green eyes.


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