In love with the wrong one

Louis and Harry have been together for half a year now. Louis thought that he knew everything about Harry, but it turns out that he didn't. Harry doesn't only have one brother, Marcel, he has two. Edward. Edward is the one thing Harry has kept from Louis.
But when Edward moves to town, and everything turns upside down, will Louis and Harry still be together? Find out in: In love with the wrong one.


2. Nothing in the Night.

I woke up in the morning feeling the same feeling as yesterday. 

Is someone watching me?

I looked through the windows, and there he stood. He looked a lot like Harry, but I could tell that it wasn't him. I ran to the door, in hope that he wouldn't move, but as I opened the door, he was gone.

It was weird how he always disappeared. 


That day I went to Harry's to have dinner with his family. 

I stood at the door ringing the bell in hope for Harry to answer it. I waited a few minutes, and then the door opened. To my surprise it wasn't Harry who opened it but the guy who had been outside of my windows. I stepped a few steps back, but I didn't realize that that meant falling down the stairs. I laid at the bottom of the stairs until Harry came to my rescue. "Are you okay, Lou?" He said as he caressed my cheek. I nodded, and looked him deep in the eyes. "W-who is that?" I asked while pointing at the door. Harry turned around and faced the guy. "Him?" He asked. I nodded again. "That's my brother Edward. Edward this is Louis. Louis this is Edward." Edward came down the stairs, and stood right in front of me. "Nice to finally meet you Louis." I shook his hand. "Erm... Nice to meet you too. I think." Suddently Harry interrupted us. "Let's go inside, shall we?"

We all followed him, and when we got inside, I was met by his lovely mum. "Hey sweetie!" She almost shouted when she saw me. "Nice to see you too Anne." I said, almost laughing at her reaction. She hugged me even closer, if that was even possible. 

"Come sit down!" Robin shouted, as he smiled at me. "Hey Robin!" "Hey Louis. Long time no see, huh?" I nodded in agreement. 

I sat down beside Harry, but I didn't expect Edward to sit on my other side. "Marcel couldn't be here today, because he just got in to university." Harry explained. "Oh! You must tell him congratulations from me, next time you see him." "I will." Harry said. 

As the dinner went on everyone was talking to each other, and that was when I felt a hand on my leg. It wasn't the fact that there was a hand on my leg that freaked me out, but the fact that it was the leg next to Edward and not Harry. I brushed the hand off, but he kept putting it in the same place. "Can I please go to the bathroom." I asked nervously. "Of course, dear." Anne said. 

When I got to the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror. 

Why the heck was he touching my leg!?

I totally freaked out, and my breathing became uneven. There was a knock on the door, and I asumed that it was Harry, but I guess that I was wrong. Edward came barging in. He pushed me against the wall. "I want you so badly." He wispered. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? GET OF ME! GET OF ME RIGHT NOW!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, and just as Harry opened the door, Edward stepped back. Harry ran to me. "What happened?!" "He freaked out and I comforted him." Edward said, while staring directly at me. Harry looked at me to get an answer. "Y-yeah t-that was what happened." Harry smiled and gave me a warm hug, as Edward left the room. 

"I think I'll get going babycakes, I have a lot to do tomorrow." I told Harry, when I calmed down. "Oh, do you want me to drive you?" "Thank you but no. I think I'll just walk, I need some fresh air." "Oh, okay." Harry seemed confused, but he let it go.


As I walked down the streets two shadows started shouting at me. "Hey fag! Where is your little boyfriend?" "Yeah, where is he!?" They started to run after me, and suddently they were right behind me. The first one hit me on the shoulder, and then they just started beating me. The last thing I remember from the day, was me feeling all dizzy and then everything blacked out.

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