2. mystery man

... It was really creepy. "It was really nice talking to you!" " you too ari" and with tht we hugged it out. Then I walk back to my group, then it feel the eyes on me again but this time more

This time I look when I do I see Harry Styles staring at me and I mentally sigh in relieve. I turn around and ask of we could say 'Hi'. We all say yes when we do I catch a smile grown on Harry's face. "Hi we're the needless, and were all huge fans of you guys!" Says Marisa "oh well we are to nice you meet I'm Liam" " Nice I'm Daniel this Stacy , Marisa, Dani, And Raphael." "Hi I'm niall this is Liam, Louis , Zayn, and Harry"

After a few minutes of talking, laughing, and fun; harry ask of he could talk to me and I said sure " so dani I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date sometime maybe Friday" "I'd love to!"

"And that's how me and harry met!" Told my friend Rebeca from 5th grade now were 21 yrs old.

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