The Threat Of Many

I don't own BBC'S Sherlock. A sort of sequel to my first Sherlock fanfic Revenge, But if you haven't read it, it should still make some sense. Moriarty has finally been jailed.. The end of him? Wrong. Nothing has made his underground followers so determined to help him. They want him out. Now. A gang poses a threat to London. Sherlock and John really do have their hands full..


2. Chapter Two

Chapter two


John continued to think about their last client and started to watch Sherlock pace around 221B's makeshift living room. John was sure Sherlock was starting to create holes in the carpet and had to stop this before they lost the carpet to yet another one of Sherlock's moods. "Hey Sherlock, You alright? " John asked warily, he hadn't caught the pacing detective's attention, so john switched tactics. "Sherlock." John stated angrily which did indeed catch the consulting detective's attention. John mentally high fived himself at his genuis and had to make sure he wasn't smiling, Because that would look weird. John hadn't actually realised he had been staring vacantly at Sherlock. "John? Are you... Ok?" Sherlock warily asked which snapped John out of his dream state and back into reality, In which he was embarrassing himself considerably. "Hmm? What? Yes" john dreamily replied and forced himself to get back to the topic he hadnt yet started. "Are you ok Sherlock? I mean ever since we got Moriarty in Jail you have been distant from me." John asked and Sherlock's face went from minor concern to the face John is all too familar with these past few weeks, Blank seriousness. John was losing his patience with Sherlock's behaviour but he knew that Sherlock was like a wild animal at times, Push it too hard and it will run. So john knew he had to put up with his behaviour, After all Sherlock was brought up around the idea that caring was a disadvantage so he never really had anyone to share his emotions with, And John was determined to be the one to change that. So John sat and stared at Sherlock's blank face for moments before Sherlock nodded his head and proceded towards the couch. "No, Sherlock. I'm sick of you sulking around and not telling me why! This ends now Sherlock! " John shouted a bit louder than was probably neccesary, which of course attracted the attention of Mrs Hudson. Small footsteps could be heard echoing around the now silent apartment whilst both men thought about what they could say to counteract eachother. Mrs Hudson pushed the door open and poked her head in the room. "Is everything alright boys?" She asked, Voice concerned. "Not now Mrs Hudson! "Both men shouted immediately, Voices laced with anger. "Oh my!!" Mrs Hudson shouts before closing the door and running back to her apartment with a quickened pace her thin legs could barely handle. John allowed his head to turn back to Sherlock, Who was staring at the space Mrs Hudson had occupied moments before. "Look Sherlock I only asked because I care. Stop shutting me out all the time, Do you know how much it hurts?" John said, quieter now that he knew his voice attracted the attention of the neighbours, And anyone close by. He hated to fight with the younger man, But he didn't need the whole street to hear it. "You dont understand, You never have." Sherlock said pointedly which only made John a bit angrier that he chose now to mock his intelligence. "Come on then. Make me understand. " john said with a edge of confusion he couldn't mask. "You see John, Everything I do is for you. Everything I have done benefits you one way or another. When I jumped off the building, It was to protect you. Moriarty threatened me with you, He was going to shoot you if I didn't die, Pretend or not. You seem to think I did all of that because I could, Not because I was forced. If it hurts you, Then what do you think it's like for me? The first person that hasn't called me a freak could get killed because of me, And im just supposed to let that happen. You don't know what Moriarty said to me a couple of weeks ago, But let me tell you, He wanted to rip you apart because I wasn't cooperating the way he wanted. You could of died again, And I dont want that to happen! So me shutting you out, Is so I don't hurt you!" Sherlock snarled quietly, Eyes staring at the floor. John was very shocked, Sherlock cared. John suddenly felt a pang of guilt for the younger man at how he had been so forceful and abrupt with him, when all along he had been doing him a favour. "I'm sorry Sherlock. " John said quietly and allowed a moment of silence to fall over the men before Sherlock nodded, Eyes never leaving the floor. Just as John started to move towards the detective to say thank you and give him a friendly hug Lestrade came bursting through the thin door of 221B.

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