The Threat Of Many

I don't own BBC'S Sherlock. A sort of sequel to my first Sherlock fanfic Revenge, But if you haven't read it, it should still make some sense. Moriarty has finally been jailed.. The end of him? Wrong. Nothing has made his underground followers so determined to help him. They want him out. Now. A gang poses a threat to London. Sherlock and John really do have their hands full..


3. Chapter three

Chapter three

"Drop everything! New case! Sherlock? John?" Lestrade asked the two men who were sitting in their seperate chairs, John blushing a shade of red and Sherlock wearing a very familiar smirk on his face. Lestrade didn't have the time nor the patience to question the pair, So he looked at Sherlock then John and then to the door. Sherlock wasted no time in leaping off his seat at this silent sign, Grabbing his long coat and swiftly flowing out of the door, Leaving Lestrade and John alone in 221B. Lestrade gave John a questioning glance at John which resulted in John shaking his head and he himself grabbing his coat, Following Sherlock down the wooden stairs. This meant that Lestrade was left to shut the door to 221B and follow both men out onto the bustling streets of Baker Street. Lestrade looked both sides of the road before he opened the door and climbed into the driver's seat of the police car, allowing John to jump into the backseat of the car, leaving Sherlock to sit in the passenger seat next to Lestrade. "So what case has your bumbling idiots spinning around in circles this time?" Sherlock sighed to Lestrade who was now pulling the car out onto the road. "We have reason to believe a new gang has been created and is posing a serious threat to the public." Lestrade stated. 

"A group of teens who want attention... Why am i even needed for this? You are becoming to dependant on me and John, George..." Sherlock tutted. 

"Firstly, Its Greg. Secondly it's a bit bigger than a few teens."

"How so?"

"Well... How do i put this...? We have reason to believe that these so-called 'teens' are actually devoted Moriarty followers. And they want him out. Now. "

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